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Chapter 69: Trying To Enter The Jade Pool

“The Junior Brother from the Ninth Summit? That’s rather unexpected.”

Looking at Jiang Lan who was in the inner regions of the Jade Pool, Lu Jian was a little surprised.

He had observed Jiang Lan up close. His talent was indeed average.

However, his state of mind was extremely stable, like an ancient well without ripples.

This was indeed impressive.

However, even though one’s mental state was somewhat useful when entering the Jade Pool, it wasn’t very useful either.

“It seems like he knows quite a bit about array formations. With his personality and mental state, that’s indeed highly likely. He should have some advantages when learning array formations. ”

Then, Lu Jian stopped paying attention to Jiang Lan.

He was just slightly curious about how Jiang Lan managed to reach so far.

Just then, the ceremony began.

The highlight had come.

After the fog completely dispersed, the surroundings became clear.

Subsequently, a faint light appeared from the Jade Pool. Some of the females around the Jade Pool also emitted a faint light.

Only the females at the outermost edge did not have faint light on them.

“Are these the people qualified to enter the Jade Pool?”

When Jiang Lan saw these lights, he naturally understood what would happen next.

The ceremony had begun.

At this moment, Ao Longyu’s body was glowing as well. There were only gender requirements for entering the Jade Pool, not race requirements.

“Let’s hope someone gets in.”

Jiang Lan muttered to himself.

If no one entered, then his Goddess Diagram would be useless.

“Seniors, if you want to give it a try, you can start now.”

First Summit’s Lin An spoke.

He was naturally on the mountain peak.

He wasn’t the closest to the Jade Pool but he was at the very front.

“Including me, there are a total of fifteen people present, with six of them being females. Two of them have immortal auras, one was Senior Sister Ao, while the last three have restrained their auras, making it impossible for me to determine their cultivation levels. ”

Jiang Lan began to analyze.

These people should be the main force that entered the Jade Pool.

Although there were some people who also wanted to give it a try, they were not very enthusiastic.

He even saw a senior sister with an immortal aura standing behind him.

No matter how he looked at it, she had no intention of entering.

“Junior Brother Lin, you’re always so close to the front. It looks like you want to see someone enter every time.” At this time, a Senior Sister who was also in the inner regions of the Jade Pool stepped forward.

She planned to be the first to attempt to enter the Jade Pool.

Hearing the other party’s words, Jiang Lan knew that the other party had tried this more than once or twice.

Hong Luan walked forward.

Jiang Lan only managed to see her back. She was a beautiful woman

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