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Chapter 82: Grandson Is Amazing

“Is there anything else, Big Brother?” The young man asked curiously.

Jiang Lan shook his head.

He indeed had no other issues.

“Big Brother, do you know someone from the Dragon Race?” The young man seemed to have not chatted with anyone for a long time and did not intend to leave.

“I guess so,” Jiang Lan replied.

He and Ao Longyu have indeed met before and worked together.

Apart from that, there was no other interaction between them.

“Dragons have a special characteristic. The faster they grow, the weaker they will become.

“Therefore, people with extremely high talent in the Dragon Race are usually protected. They only appear when they are near adulthood,” explained the youth.

He wanted to continue, but Jiang Lan reminded him before he could say anything.

“There’s a bottle of wine that’s going to drop off the counter.”

“Huh?” The young man was stunned for a moment, then immediately ran to the counter.

Jiang Lan watched as the young man went to get the wine bottle. Then, he waited patiently.

He was waiting for the boss to return.

As for the things on the table, he did not touch them.

He didn’t think too much about what the youngster said.

Jiang Lan closed his eyes and calmed his mind.

The youth looked at Jiang Lan and closed his eyes too. He thought that he could try to enter Jiang Lan’s mind now.

As long as he could enter, he wouldn’t have to continue working hard.

This was what his grandfather had told him.

Then, the youth closed his eyes and an inn appeared in front of him.

As long as he went in, he could pull the big brother into the inn.

Of course, being able to enter it was equivalent to having the qualifications to pull Jiang Lan into it too.

“It looks easy.”

He then walked towards the door of the inn and the youth tried pushing it open.


The door should have been pushed properly, but he found it difficult to push it open.

Then he pushed with both hands.

Still nothing.

The youth began to kick with his foot.




The door didn’t budge.

After a long time, the youth gave up.

“Well, Big Brother has cultivated for a hundred years, but I’ve only worked hard for a few years. It’s normal that I can’t push it open. I’ll try pushing it again the next time he comes. It should be easier.”

The youth consoled himself.

Then he found a hand on his shoulder.

He jumped.


The young man turned around and saw his grandfather.


At this moment, the elder was already standing at the counter, looking at the youth.

He wondered why the wine bottle did not fall today. After seeing Jiang Lan, he then realized the reason why.

“The wine is ready. Go prepare your gift.” The old man said.

“Right away.” The youth immediately ran towards the back.

Then, the old man looked at Jiang Lan who was still in the corner, his eyes

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