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Chapter 68: Accelerating One’s Cultivation

Kunlun’s Creation meant that the treasure used Kunlun as its source to absorb fortuitous opportunities and fortunes.

When Jiang Lan looked at the diagram.

He could clearly feel it.

The Kunlun Jade Pool Goddess Diagram was only useful in Kunlun.

Kunlun was the Ancestor of All Mountains. It was the one that had nurtured the Jade Pool.

The spiritual energies of the Heaven and Earth, the essence of the Sun and Moon, and the vitality of all living beings. All of these were within the Jade Pool.

Cultivating in the Jade Pool would yield twice the results with half the effort, allowing one to progress at a rapid pace.

If someone managed to enter the Jade Pool, the spiritual energies of heaven and earth, as well as the essence of the sun and moon, would seep out of the Jade Pool and bring about a positive effect on the entire Kunlun Mountain Range.

Kunlun’s cultivation environment would then improve further.

As for the Jade Pool Goddess Diagram, it could pass on the fortuitous opportunity of being able to cultivate in the Jade Pool. Cultivating with it was like receiving the help of a god, as if one had entered the Jade Pool himself.


The Jade Pool needed a goddess.

Jiang Lan immediately understood.

This Jade Pool Goddess Diagram couldn’t be considered good, but it could provide him with a better cultivation environment for a long time.

Adding on the Netherworld Cave entrance, it wouldn’t be long before he reached the Void Refinement Realm.

The premise was that a goddess appeared in Kunlun.

That’s right. When Jiang Lan opened the diagram, all he saw was a lake.

No one was on the diagram.

Neither were there any spiritual energies of heaven and earth, nor any essence of the sun and moon.

“This item is not bad, but it’s severely limited. The Creation Pill is much more effective and useful compared to this.”

However, the Daoist Scripture was still the best.

However, he had already received these things before. He didn’t know if they would appear again.

At present, the Creation of Heaven and Earth had yet to reappear again.

Of course, Jiang Lan wasn’t greedy.

What he had gained had indeed helped him greatly.

What he needed to do now was to activate the Goddess Diagram.

Then, he would hide in the Ninth Summit to cultivate and enter the Void Refinement Realm as soon as possible.

He wanted to pursue the path of immortality.

By the time Jiang Lan regained his composure, Ao Longyu had returned to normal.

Her aura also became stable.

The two of them stood on the path without speaking.

A gentle breeze blew past, and they felt as if the fog was about to be blown away.

“Time’s up.”

Jiang Lan and the others heard the sudden voice.

At this moment, Jiang Lan felt as if he was stepping on a rock. Ao Longyu felt the same.

However, Jiang Lan was a little puzzled about the time.


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