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Chapter 79: Superior Spell

Ao Longyu stood beside the Jade Pool. Several decades had passed.

She had successfully entered the mid-stage Essence Soul Realm.

She had walked ahead of most of them.

However, she suddenly thought of something recently.

That was why she went to find her Junior Sister.

She sat there waiting for her Junior Sister to arrive.

She knew of the Witchcloud Gathering. If it was any other time, she would definitely attend it. However, she could not go now.

She was still unable to leave the Jade Pool.

This was the price.

The price of becoming the Jade Pool Goddess.

But it was indeed the fastest way to become stronger.

The resources all over Kunlun might not even be as abundant as the Jade Pool’s, and her cultivation speed seemed to have grown wings here.

“Senior Sister, I can’t enter.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded.

Ao Longyu rose to her feet and walked toward the edge of the mountain.

She moved her hands, as if she was opening up a normal path for the people who came over so that the people outside could enter.

Soon, Lin Siya flew in on her sword. She looked a little disheveled.

“Senior Sister, staying here seems to cause me to encounter problems easily.” Lin Siya didn’t dare to go to the Jade Pool.

She could only stay at the edge of her sword.

“It’s indeed a little troublesome. Junior Sister, are you going to the Witchcloud Gathering?” Ao Longyu nodded slightly before asking.

“No, I have to go into seclusion to advance to the Essence Soul Realm in the next two days. I can only go next time.” Lin Siya looked at Ao Longyu curiously. “Senior Sister, did you miss me?”

She was suddenly called here.

Ao Longyu looked at Lin Siya. She felt that this Junior Sister of hers had always been very friendly.

She didn’t hate it because this Junior Sister’s character was likable.

“I want to ask you something.” Ao Longyu looked at Lin Siya and said. “I remember that Junior Sister used a recording tool to record the process of me coming out of the water previously, right?”

When Lin Siya heard this, she was stunned.

“I just… just recorded it for fun.” Lin Siya felt a little guilty.

“I know.” Ao Longyu looked at Lin Siya, her voice as calm as ever. “Can I have the recording tool?”

Lin Siya did not dare to look at Ao Longyu. She whispered. “I have lost it.”

Ao Longyu: “…”

“I… I’m trying to find it now.” Lin Siya immediately said. “I’ve already found who took it. I’ll be taking it back in a few days.”

“Who has it?” asked Ao Longyu.

“I heard it was at Senior Sister Cilin’s place last time. I’ll go look for her these few days,” said Lin Siya. Then, she asked curiously.

“Senior Sister didn’t care about that Dharma treasure before. Why did you suddenly want to find it back?”

The recording tool had recorded Senior Sister Ao’s dragon body, not her naked body.

Ao Longyu lowered her brows and remained silent.

She w

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