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Chapter 89: Ascending To The Heavens

In the pavilion at the peak of the Ninth Summit, Mo Zhengdong was looking at the hall.

There were four people beside him.

Feng Yixiao, as well as the three Heavenly Human Race individuals.

Miao Tian looked at Jiang Lan’s figure with shock.

“His heart is as clear as a mirror. Even if the sky collapses, he will not be alarmed. No wonder he could reach such heights. Such a young man actually possesses such a state of mind,” Miao Tian muttered to himself.

This person was beyond imagination.

How could a Golden Core cultivator possess such a state of mind?

“It seems that your junior is going to lose.” Feng Yixiao smiled at Miao Tian.

“Haha, let’s see what happens.” Miao Tian forced a smile.

At this moment, everyone saw the light of the disc suddenly bloom, as if the disc had been strengthened a lot.

“Oh?” Feng Yixiao looked down curiously.

“Elder Miao’s junior seems to have taken a step back, causing the difficulty of reaching the summit to increase greatly. Does this count as cheating? ”

“The difficulty for both sides will be increased. If the disciple of the Ninth Summit also take a step back, both sides’ difficulty will be increased as well. How can this be considered cheating?” Miao Tian said.

However, he knew that Miao Xiu could no longer reach the top.

He was forcing the other party to be eliminated.

This was the best choice.

Feng Yixiao did not speak. Instead, he looked at Mo Zhengdong.

However, Mo Zhengdong was expressionless.

Miao Xiu suddenly took a step back. Everyone saw it.

However, just as Miao Xiu retreated.

The disc had doubled in strength.

Everyone knew that this was caused by the other party’s retreat.

“He’s cheating, right? He’s deliberately retreating so that an unforeseen event will occur on the Stairway To Heavens.”

“Are the people of the Heavenly Human Race this shameless? Can’t they afford to lose?”

“Weren’t you clamoring earlier? Why are you playing tricks now?”

Miao Xiu looked down and said coldly.

“Don’t you see that the disciple of the Ninth Summit has yet to say anything? Incompetent people, stop making such a ruckus.”

The people in the square were instantly enraged.

Meanwhile, Miao Xiu no longer paid attention to the others, only looking at Jiang Lan.

He wanted to anger the other party and make him lose his cool.

However, he realized that the other party had his back facing him from the beginning to the end.

“Won’t he be angry?” Miao Xiu couldn’t understand this person.

Jiang Lan looked ahead. In his eyes, he could only see the path ahead.

As for Miao Xiu.

He didn’t pay attention to him.

Wherever the other party went, it was his business.

What he needed to care about now was to ascend the highest step and win this match.

If he could win, he would not give up.

The strengthening of the disc was nothing to him. It was just that

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