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Chapter 96: Sensing A Murderous Intent

Jiu Zhongtian said nothing more.

He then asked curiously.

“Did the Heavenly Human Race not come to question us?”

“They have been very quiet. There has not been a word from them.” Feng Yixiao said as he continued to drink the tea on the stone table.

“I will make another trip to the Heavenly Human Race.” Jiu Zhongtian directly said.

“Is it alright if you do so?”

“Why not?”

“The Heavenly Human Race’s elder just died on our side. Now that you’re going, you’ll be caught in the crossfire.”

“Does it have anything to do with us? Since they wanted to challenge us, we have to challenge them back. Not being able to go back was their problem. This time, it’s enough for me to go with Lu Jian, “said Jiu Zhongtian directly.

Then, Jiu Zhongtian left.

Feng Yixiao drank a cup of tea before disappearing.

Jiang Lan had always been cultivating.

He had spent a month familiarizing himself with his current strength.

He would occasionally consume a pill to reinforce his cultivation.

He did not spend the entire month on the Ninth Summit.

After hearing his master’s suggestion, he decided to take a look around the other parts of Kunlun.

He didn’t go anywhere special.

Hence, he did not gain anything special from signing in.

However, he managed to see myriad types of people as well as what they spoke about.

He saw others being excited, angry, and jealous.

Some were worth learning while some were worth some self-reflection.

There was no harm in going out.

Especially when there was no danger.

Half a month ago, he received two Dharma treasures as well, and they were sent over by a Senior Brother from the Eighth Summit.

He said that his Senior Brother Lu Jian had specially chosen these for him.

They were not the best, but the most suitable.

The first item was a copper mirror known as the Self Mirror.

The effect of it was very straightforward.

It could manifest a projection of the user based on the user’s cultivation and allow the user to fight against it.

According to the Eighth Summit’s Senior Brother, Jiang Lan rarely went out and lacked experience. He didn’t understand what flaws he had, nor did he have any experience in fighting enemies.

The Self Mirror could help him make up for his shortcomings in this aspect.

Jiang Lan agreed with this.

However, it was really difficult for him to fight against himself.

Using the Power of Nine Bulls against the Power of Nine Bulls, who knew what would happen.

However, it could be used up till before he became an immortal.

He could still use it for a long time.

The second item was an Eight Trigrams Disk.

This Dharma treasure was also an auxiliary Dharma treasure.

The Eight Trigrams Disk was mainly used to simulate array formations and reflect the effects of the formation.

It would save a lot of materials from experimentation.


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