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Some days journey away from Kunlun, there was a large ship flying.

Inside the cabin sat a white-haired old man and two middle-aged men.

The three of them emitted immortal powers.

“The Witchcloud Gathering has begun. Those from Kunlun should have been gone for some time.”

Li Zhi spoke from the side. He was one of the two middle-aged men.

He had black eyes, black hair and some whiskers.


“It’s said that a goddess has appeared in the Jade Pool of Kunlun. There should be a chance to check the exact situation,” Nan Yi said.

He was the other middle-aged man.

Unlike the others, his eyes were closed.

It was as if opening his eyes was a very difficult task for him.

Or rather, his eyes carried a sense of danger.

“Our Heavenly Human Race has an agreement with Kunlun. Youths from our race can seek guidance from the youths in Kunlun, but we might not be able to directly have an exchange with the Jade Pool Goddess,” the elderly man Miao Tian said.

This old man had a head full of white hair and his cultivation was the highest among the three.

“Indeed, that’s why we should challenge them step by step and ask for an exchange with the Jade Pool Goddess.” Nan Yi said with a smile.

“Any outstanding disciple within three hundred years will do. We shall challenge from the First Summit to the Ninth Summit. If we lose, we will naturally return home. ”

The old man looked at a young man in white who was outside the door and said.

“Do you have the confidence?”

“I am able to do it even if we had come a few months ago when all the geniuses are still present in Kunlun,” Miao Xiu replied.

On the Ninth Summit of Kunlun, Jiang Lan was reading a book.

He had been familiarizing himself with his spells for a month, and his Power of Nine Bulls had reached the power of eight bulls.

The last bit would require a lot of time to polish before he could perfect the spell.

He had also familiarized his Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel with his current cultivation base.

However, it would take some time before he could reach the ninth step.

In fact, Jiang Lan was a little confused during this period of time. The Power of Nine Bulls had a superior spell, the Power of Nine Tribulations. He wondered if the Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel had a superior spell too.

Even if it did, it would be difficult for him to receive it now.

After all, it took him ten years to obtain the superior spell technique of the Power of Nine Bulls.

Furthermore, he was unable to cultivate it.

It was a slight waste of his ten years of accumulation.

Currently, he was only familiar with these two main spells.

He had yet to familiarize himself with many other spells which included the Seven Stars Sword Technique, Ninth Heaven’s Flowing Fire, Heavenly Thunder Descent, Spirit Language Spell, and so on.

He had learned a lot over the years.

However, they were all supplementary.

He naturally had

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