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Chapter 70: Ao Longyu Wants To Turn The Tide?

The others also glanced at Ao Longyu.

Most people did not pay much attention.

There were some who had some understanding of Ao Longyu, so they paid close attention to her.

Dragon Race.

This was the first time a dragon tried to enter the Jade Pool.

Jiang Lan was also watching. He didn’t hold much hope.

The Jade Pool looked easy to enter, but it was actually very hard in reality.

It was definitely not a matter of cultivation.

Was it the Jade Pool choosing the people to enter? Or was it someone who was choosing who could enter the Jade Pool?

There was no way to come to a conclusion at this moment.

At this moment, Ao Longyu was walking along the path, waiting for the fog to arrive.

In just a breath’s time, the fog swept across from the lake.

Faced with the fog, everyone knew that it was going to be a powerful attack.

However, most people would be able to resist it as long as they persevered.

The remaining time after they had resisted the attack was their only chance in entering the Jade Pool.


The fog swept toward Ao Longyu.

Ao Longyu also attempted to resist.

A gentle breeze blew past. To Ao Longyu, this was an irresistible hurricane.

But when she resisted, everyone realized…

Ao Longyu didn’t seem to be doing her best to resist.

Her hand seemed to be reaching into the fog.

“Was she not in a good condition?”

The others were curious.

At this moment, Ao Longyu was retreating in defeat. Retreating here meant that she was getting further and further away from success.

Failure had the upper hand for now.

Jiang Lan saw that Ao Longyu was indeed retreating, but she seemed to be doing something.

But from this angle, he couldn’t see it.

However, he seemed to have seen Ao Longyu unleash some kind of spell technique.

“Aren’t spells useless?”

He had seen quite a number of people attacking the fog just now. It was completely useless.

Was Senior Sister Ao that irrational?


While Jiang Lan was still in shock, Ao Longyu was sent flying.

The fog remained in place.

It was as if it was also surprised that Ao Longyu had been sent flying.

Was she trying to scam it?

Jiang Lan frowned. He saw Ao Longyu landing not far from him.

If she retreated any further, she would fall out of the mountain.

Doing so was equivalent to failure.

Ao Longyu was also a little surprised. It seemed to be different from what she had imagined.

However, she did not hesitate at all. Taking advantage of the momentary pause, she transformed into a half-dragon and began to resist the incoming fog.

“It seems like she indeed is not in a good condition. In theory, a perfected Golden Core shouldn’t be sent flying.”

“What was Junior Sister doing just now?” Hong Luan felt that her Junior Sister had done something.

That was why she was knocked flying.

Lu Jian was sligh

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