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Chapter 78: Ten Years Break From Signing In

Jiang Lan lowered his eyebrows.

According to his master.

The Witchcloud Gathering seemed safe.

But with so many people gathered together, would it truly be safe?

Jiang Lan didn’t believe him.

As long as it was a form of training, as long as there was competition, there would usually be some accidents.

He would definitely encounter it if he really went.

It wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t go out.

During these 50 years, he had stayed in the Ninth Summit and trained for 110 years.

Besides encountering a few situations where he had to leave the Ninth Summit 50 years ago, he did not encounter anything else.

As it turned out.

It was still the safest if he stayed in the Ninth Summit.

Doing so would not affect his cultivation and him signing in.

Although it was possible to sign something good after leaving for three months.

But it was too far and too long.

He was currently at the Void Refinement Realm, but once he used his actual cultivation base in front of everyone.

It would be difficult for him to cultivate quietly after that.

In short.

He just wasn’t strong enough.

“Master, my cultivation is still very weak.” Jiang Lan refused.

He still felt that it was better to continue cultivating in the Ninth Summit.

If he had to change an environment, he could go to the other summits.

He did not have to go out.

Moreover, he had dreamed for ten years, which meant that he had not signed in for ten years.

Who knew how big the accumulation of Great Dao gift had reached.

If he managed to get his hands on another Creation of Heaven and Earth, it would be much easier for him to become an immortal.

Mo Zhengdong looked at Jiang Lan for a moment, then said.

“There’s nothing wrong with cultivating hard. However, if you don’t interact with the outside world, it’s easy to be separated from the outside world.”

He felt that this disciple was too eccentric.

Even though he had a good temperament, he did not have to refuse to interact with others.

“Not being able to see the light and darkness of others will cause you to fall into a blind spot, especially with your temperament,” Mo Zhengdong added.

“Disciple will often reflect on himself,” Jiang Lan replied with his head lowered.

His master was right. Sometimes, the lack of socializing would put him in the wrong path.

This required caution.

This was especially the case for him. The further he walked, the more careless he would be.

Fortunately, his master had reminded him earlier.

Since Jiang Lan had said so, what else could Mo Zhengdong say?

So be it.

“You can visit the other summits in Kunlun when you have time,” said Mo Zhengdong.

It was always right to go out for a breather.

He wanted to take a look at his senior brother and junior brother’s behavior and personality so that he could have a better understanding of himse

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