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Chapter 91: Killing Miao Xiu

“Lost. I have lost.”

Miao Xiu looked at the person on the disc and was extremely shocked.

At this moment, he lost his composure and fell down the stairs.

“How is that possible? He has a weakness in his heart. He shouldn’t be able to ascend the stairs of ascension. How did he do it?”

Once someone who was ascending the stairs of ascension had an obvious weakness, they were not allowed to go up.

They would be stopped.

However, this person still managed to reach the top.

He could not understand why the other party could go up.

This shouldn’t be happening.

“He won?” Someone in the square suddenly felt that it was unreal.

The disciple of the Ninth Summit had won.

Furthermore, it was an overwhelming victory.

Although he had also paid a huge price.

“He has really won! The Heavenly Human Race has lost!”

“Didn’t the Heavenly Human Race say that there was no one in Kunlun? Can they still say the same now? Even if all the geniuses of Kunlun have gone out, it’s still not a place where your Heavenly Human Race can challenge.”

“Do you think there’s a problem with the Ninth Summit’s Junior Brother? He seems to be bleeding.”

The sudden voice startled everyone.

Yes, Jiang Lan’s injuries were severe.

Jing Ting moved and planned to fly up to take a look.

But he soon gave up.

This was because a middle-aged man had appeared in the sky. He was dressed in navy blue and had a distinct side profile. His deep eyes were filled with gratification.

Mo Zhengdong appeared beside Jiang Lan at once, and then an aura enveloped him.

He was treating Jiang Lan’s injuries.

“Thank you for your hard work,” Mo Zhengdong said calmly as he looked at the injured Jiang Lan.

Before Jiang Lan could say anything, Mo Zhengdong waved his hand and sent Jiang Lan back to rest.

Mo Zhengdong left with Jiang Lan.

The others also heaved a sigh of relief.

However, they still won.

“A lot of people didn’t show up for this match. I’ll go spread the word. I’m sure they’ll regret it.”

“The Heavenly Human Race will finally return.”

Jing Ting heaved a sigh of relief.

“I shouldn’t embarrass myself in front of Junior Brother Jiang in the future by competing with him in such an aspect. It’s time to go back now. If we don’t go back now, we will have inner demons.”

Jing Ting’s voice was very loud.

Many people had heard what Jing Ting said.

At this moment, many people became scared.

Especially those with low cultivation bases.

Only now did they remember that this was the Ninth Summit. They could not even get close to it.

After staying here for so long, it was hard to say if their mind was still alright.

At this moment, they stopped mocking the Heavenly Human Race and left the Ninth Summit immediately.

Lin Siya also left immediately.

She was going to find her Senior Sister and tell her the good news.

However, the Ninth S

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