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Chapter 81: Dragon Race’s Growth Cycle

Most of the geniuses and outstanding disciples attended the Witchcloud Gathering.

The gathering was indeed very attractive.

However, with so many people going out, it made Jiang Lan feel unsafe.

If someone set their sights on Kunlun, they would be completely wiped out.

However, he also saw some people he knew who got on the flying Dharma treasure.

For example, the Senior Brother of the First Summit, Gu Qi, whom he met at the Peaceful Void Lake.

Another example was the Eighth Summit’s Senior Brother who had most likely become an immortal, Lu Jian.

As for females, he did not see Ao Longyu.

She should still be at the Jade Pool.

Apart from these people, he didn’t know others who were going.

Of course, this had nothing to do with Jiang Lan.

After leaving the Kunlun Main Hall, Jiang Lan did not return to the Ninth Summit immediately. Although cultivation was very important, there were some things that he had to take to heart.

For example, respecting his master.

There was an inn under Mount Kunlun called the Old Wine Tavern.

This inn had been there from the very beginning.

The layout had never changed, nor had the old tables and chairs been changed. A hundred years was like a day for this inn.

Standing in front of the inn, Jiang Lan was surprised.

The first time he came to this inn was a hundred years ago.

A hundred years had passed, yet the inn was still here. It was as ordinary as ever and as desolate as ever.

The path down the mountain had changed. The surrounding trees had also changed.

The surroundings had changed so much that he had thought that someone had a fight outside the tavern.

After which, someone had repaired the roads and replanted the trees.

“Big brother, aren’t you going in?” A voice suddenly sounded from behind Jiang Lan.

It was the shopkeeper.

When Jiang Lan saw the young man, he was about to speak when he realized that the other party had spoken first. His tone was filled with curiosity.

“Do you have insufficient money? Grandfather said he could put you on credit. But there’s interest. ”


“I have enough money with me.”

Jiang Lan then walked into the tavern.

He realized that this youth’s face was a little disheveled, but he was in good spirits and his cultivation was also a little strange.

He felt that the other party should also be pretty strong.

He wondered how he would compare to himself.

However, Jiang Lan didn’t intend to give it a try.

He didn’t want any trouble.

Of course, this youth was the same as a hundred years ago. There were almost no signs of growth.

At that instant, he thought of Ao Longyu.

“Is the Dragon Race’s growth cycle also very slow?” Jiang Lan asked.

“Dragons?” The youth thought for a moment and said.

“Grandpa did mention this before. The growth cycle of dragons is actually somewhat different and uncertain. We hum

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