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Chapter 80: A Hundred Years Of Change

While Jiang Lan was still familiarizing himself with his spells and techniques, he suddenly received a message.

It was news of Kunlun’s departure for the Witchcloud Gathering.

He was supposed to go and send them off.

It was not that he had to go, but his master wanted him to see the situation.

It was not too late to regret it if he wanted to go.

“Master, do you really want me to go out for a walk?”

Jiang Lan was helpless.

However, he decided he should make a trip out in the end.

After all, he had already reached the Void Refinement Realm. It was good for him to take a stroll.

He was very close to immortality.

In a few decades or a century, he might have to go out and undergo tribulation.

At that time, Master would probably be happy that he would finally go out of Ninth Summit to train.

After that, Jiang Lan left the Ninth Summit and arrived at the Kunlun Main Hall.

This was where those who were heading for the Witchcloud Gathering gathered before they left.

The sun was warm and the breeze was gentle.

Jiang Lan walked up the stairs leading to the main hall. Beside him, some disciples were also walking up.

Jiang Lan occasionally took a few glances and discovered that these people’s clothes were different from his.

Most of them were Qi Refinement and Foundation Establishment disciples.

“It turns out that the new disciple’s attire has been changed.”

Clothes change once every hundred years.

One cycle every thousand years.

Therefore, there was a high chance of knowing how long others had been in the sect for. Of course, there were also some disciples who chose not to wear the sect’s clothes.

So it was not absolute.

Jiang Lan came from the Ninth Summit, and very few people knew him.

This time, he also heard some discussions.

For example:

“Which peak is this Senior Brother from? I feel like he has restrained some of his strength. Is he a Golden Core?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen him before.”

“Should we go up and ask?”

“If you do, go ahead.”

As Jiang Lan walked on the road, he felt that he was really not used to this.

This was not what his Senior Brother talked about in the past.

Without another thought, Jiang Lan walked towards the main hall.

Soon, he arrived at the square.

Then, he found a corner and stood there.

On the square, he saw a floating disc. It was a large flying magical equipment.

There were some disciples up there.

With a cursory glance, he realized that there were quite a number of immortals on it. The weakest was at the Essence Soul Realm.

If he went up, he would probably be the only Golden Core among a group of Essence Soul and Void Refinement cultivators.

In fact, even if it was his surface cultivation, he could be said to have improved very quickly.

However, he could not improve so quickly after that.

He could not maintain the c

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