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Chapter 85: Wait Until You Win Me

Jiang Lan took a stroll outside.

He had already guessed the outcome, but he had not expected the other Kunlun disciples to feel so aggrieved.

The other party came prepared, so there shouldn’t be anyone who could stop Miao Xiu’s footsteps.

After returning to the Netherworld Cave, Jiang Lan decided to continue cultivating.

Today was the beginning. Perhaps everyone did not take the challenge seriously from the start.

But today, the other party had provoked all the disciples from Kunlun.

This meant that everyone would do their best in the remaining battles.

Perhaps there would be a turnaround.

If there was still no one who could stop the other party tomorrow.


Jiang Lan would be waiting for the other party in front of the main hall.

Because it was very likely that the other party would reach the Ninth Summit before noon.

If he lost, Ao Longyu would be next.

Jiang Lan opened the Goddess Diagram. Ao Longyu was still lying by the lake.

She had still not changed from her weakened state.

Jiang Lan wasn’t sure if Ao Longyu’s period of weakness was within the other party’s calculations.

But there was no need to know.

He would do his best.

Anything more and it was not something someone of his level should handle.

He needed to be prepared. Even if he lost, he needed to display the full strength of a late-stage Golden Core.

He did not want to lose so easily.

He did not want to embarrass the Ninth Summit.

The next day.

Jiang Lan still didn’t go to watch the challenges.

He was still cultivating and familiarizing himself with the spells he should use.

He only woke up in the afternoon.

“I didn’t receive my Master’s notice. It looks like the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Summits have all been defeated.”

Jiang Lan stood up and watered the vegetative egg with some spirit liquid.

And then, he turned and walked out of the Netherworld Cave.

He left the Ninth Summit and went to a place with some people such as the public cultivation area.

There were quite a few disciples here, so his arrival wouldn’t have any effect.

Furthermore, no one knew him here.

There were many disciples in Kunlun and very few people knew all the disciples of the nine summits.

Not to mention a disciple like him who had not left the summit for sixty years.

“That Heavenly Human Race is simply too much.”

“What did he say after winning the Senior Brother from the Sixth Summit? ‘Just like that?’ Who was he insulting? ”

Jiang Lan heard some people feeling indignant.

“I have figured it out. This Heavenly Human Race member is definitely not an ordinary genius. He is practically omnipotent.”

“The Senior Sister of the Fourth Summit lost to him when they competed in the study of array formations and the Fifth Summit’s Senior Brother lost to him in alchemy. He even said that the Kunlun alchemy disciples could not compare

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