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That man landed on his feet as his sword fell to the ground at the same time.

“Perfected Foundation Establishment.”

The moment he saw the other party, Jiang Lan knew his cultivation realm.

Relatively speaking, it was similar to him.

Jiang Lan hadn’t used any power that surpassed Major Perfection just now.

Therefore, the other party wouldn’t think that he was hiding his cultivation.

However, he didn’t know if the other party was a disciple of Kunlun Mountain.

It wasn’t unusual for there to be other people under Kunlun Mountain.

As long as they didn’t go near Kunlun Mountain, no one would care.

However, if they were a little closer, they would know that Kunlun was not called the Ancestor of All Mountains for nothing.

“Junior Brother, they are my preys,” That man immediately spoke the moment he landed. Then, he introduced himself.

“I am Liao Yan of the Fifth Summit. Who is Junior Brother?”

Jiang Lan didn’t answer this question. Instead, he looked at the Demon Suppressing Pearl and asked,

“This is yours?”

Did he think he would just believe the other party when he said he was from the Fifth Summit?

It wasn’t like they were on Kunlun Mountain or meeting in a normal setting.

Therefore, he did not intend to introduce himself.

“Yes.” As he spoke, Liao Yan reached out his hand.

The Demon Suppression Pearl returned to his hand.

“I hope this junior brother will not steal my credit.”

Jiang Lan looked at this person’s hand and realized that there seemed to be a lot of hair on the back of his hand.

When Jiang Lan took a closer look, the other party immediately withdrew his hand.

“Junior Brother, do you have any other questions?”

“No.” Jiang Lan turned around and left.

Since they were someone else’s preys, he did not intend to interfere.

Furthermore, the other party looked like he was only at the perfected Foundation Establishment realm. However, there was a strange aura coming from this person.

It was not suitable to cause a dispute.

But just as Jiang Lan was about to leave, the rabbit grabbed the corner of his clothes.

“Ignorant fool.” Liao Yan directly sent the rabbit flying with a palm strike.

These words were said to the rabbit, but it felt like they were directed at Jiang Lan to.


However, Jiang Lan didn’t care about this. He only turned back to look at the rabbit and realized that there was a pleading look in its eyes.

It was as if it was begging him to stay, seeking his help and compassion.

Without any unnecessary movements or words, Jiang Lan turned around and left.


Liao Yan looked at Jiang Lan who left, and then at the fur on the back of his hand that was retreating.

Then, his eyes flashed with killing intent.

Jiang Lan, who seemed to have already left into the distance, could still feel the killing intent and knew it was targeted at him.

“I hope you two can hold out until dark.”



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