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Chapter 66: With Me Around, There’s No Need To Worry

Jiang Lan didn’t think much about Ao Longyu’s question.

The other party was strong.

At least, she was much stronger than his cultivation on the surface.

It was impossible to find a better partner than Ao Longyu.

“Thank you for the trouble, Senior Sister,” Jiang Lan said softly.

Ao Longyu nodded lightly.

Having reached an agreement, Jiang Lan kept his spirit sword and continued walking forward.

He was in charge of breaking the array formations, so he could only walk in front.

After all, the array formation was activated first before the attack appeared.

Of course, it was impossible to fly from above. He had tried before.

It didn’t take long before the next array formation was activated. Jiang Lan ignored everything else and lowered his head to break the restrictions on the formation.

Then, he felt an attack.

He did not dodge immediately. Instead, he waited for Ao Longyu to attack.

As expected, the moment the attack appeared, a sword light flashed.

Before the attack could fully appear, it was destroyed by a single strike.

Jiang Lan wasn’t surprised. He lowered his head and broke the formation array.

Soon, he released the shackles on his feet.

“Indeed, the progress of having two people is much faster than traveling alone.”

Jiang Lan muttered to himself.

This was especially so when his partner was not weak.

Ao Longyu watched as Jiang Lan dismantled the array formation and continued forward. She followed suit.

Her gaze was calm.

As if she didn’t care about anything.

However, she also felt that the two of them traveling together made their progress much smoother and faster.

Although Jiang Lan, who had been moving forward, paid attention to the attacks, he didn’t make any obvious movements.

Ao Longyu would immediately deal with the sudden attacks.

After a while.

Jiang Lan felt that they had walked a fair distance.

Even Ao Longyu could sense that their current progress had already surpassed her previous progress.

This time, Jiang Lan was imprisoned once again. When he wanted to undo the array formation, he discovered that it was much more difficult than before.

With this discovery, he immediately checked the attack.

The attack might have changed too.

He would not underestimate any attack, and he would make sufficient follow-up preparations. However, Ao Longyu was a genius, and she wielded immense power.

She would not be necessarily like him.

“Senior Sister Ao, the array formation has changed.”

Jiang Lan reminded him. Time was of the essence, so he couldn’t say much.

However, the surrounding attacks were still a step faster.

Ao Longyu heard Jiang Lan’s words, but she couldn’t change her attack immediately.

In the next instant, Jiang Lan saw that Ao Longyu’s sword light didn’t directly cut through the mist attack.

He moved his lower body, plann

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