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“Why did you suddenly bring me wine?”

On the peak of the Ninth Summit, Mo Zhengdong received two bottles of good wine from Jiang Lan and asked curiously.

“Disciple comprehended the Rainbow Auspicious Clouds.” Jiang Lan spoke.

This was also consdiered good news.

Mo Zhengdong laughed as if he was not surprised.

“I was wondering who attracted the rainbow light during the day. However,the Rainbow Auspicious Clouds needs to be tested a few times.

Similar divine powers meant that they aren’t divine powers after all.

There were disadvantages to Rainbow Auspicious Clouds.

Sometimes good luck can turn into bad luck.

The higher the cultivation level, the easier it is to control. ”

Jiang Lan still wasn’t clear about this, but he didn’t know who to test it on.

Using himself could easily affect his cultivation.

After all, his cultivation level was not high. Most of it would probably be bad luck.

“Aren’t there three more people at the entrance to the Netherworld Cave?” Mo Zhengdong asked casually.


Jiang Lan was silent.

However, he did not want to have any interactions with others and affect his cultivation.

“Oh right, there are also peanuts.” Jiang Lan handed the peanuts to Mo Zhengdong.

“I have something I don’t understand about the peanuts.

At the inn, the boss wanted to give me peanuts at first, but when I said that I was a disciple of the Ninth Summit, he suddenly refused.

But in the end, he gave even more.

Why is that?”

Mo Zhengdong smiled.

He didn’t care about the peanuts. After receiving the peanuts, he started to talk about Jiang Lan’s cultivation.

“You’re already at the perfected Foundation Establishment realm. Don’t be in a hurry to advance.

I’m contacting a senior.

Who would help make your progress of condensing a Golden Core much easier.

The Golden Core realm is difficult to begin with. Sometimes, failure is inevitable. ”

“Disciple understands.” Jiang Lan lowered his head.

Actually, condensing a Golden Core for the first time was the easiest.

It was harder in the later parts.

His Master told him this because he did not want to give him too much pressure.

How could he, who often read books, not know about such minor knowledge?

Jiang Lan left the mountain peak.

He was planning to return to cultivate.

As for his proficiency of the Rainbow Auspicious Clouds, he had an idea.

If he didn’t want to have anything to do with Ao Longyu and the others, then he would use the vegetative egg instead.

His egg was still a living creature.

It should work, too.


When he returned to the entrance of the Netherworld Cave, Jiang Lan discovered that the three of them were already cultivating.

They sat within the array formation, affected by the Netherworld aura.

Even though they didn’t look too good, the circulation of their energy was very stable.

Therefore, there was no danger.

“The e

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