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Chapter 64: Entering The Jade Pool


Jiang Lan was shocked.

It turned out that some personal disciples had already become immortals.

This was beyond Jiang Lan’s expectations.

But thinking about it, his cultivation had already reached the Golden Core Realm over the past 50 years.

Kunlun had been established for many years and there were many disciples under the nine peaks.

It would be abnormal if no one achieved immortality.

However, Jiang Lan only saw one.

He did not know if there was anyone else.

Perhaps there was. But he was unsure.

Jiang Lan didn’t bother to look at them. He continued riding on his sword towards the Jade Pool.

Although he no longer paid attention to the others, someone was paying attention to him.

Soon after, Jiang Lan discovered that someone was heading towards him.

It was none other than the Immortal he had just seen.

“Junior Brother, are you from the Ninth Summit?”

A man landed beside Jiang Lan. At this moment, he was riding his sword beside Jiang Lan, and his speed was equal to Jiang Lan’s.

Jiang Lan looked over and immediately said politely.

“Ninth Summit’s Jiang Lan greets Senior Brother.”

“I’m Lu Jian from the Eight Summit, Junior Brother.” Lu Jian nodded at Jiang Lan before continuing.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a Junior Brother from the Ninth Summit appear at the Jade Pool. I came to meet you out of curiosity. I hope I didn’t disturb you. ”

“No, of course not.” Jiang Lan said softly.

He did not sense any malice from the other party’s words.

He didn’t feel any power locking onto him either.

He found it strange that the other party was so easygoing.

It was rare to see a fellow disciple being so polite to him.

However, he could not rule out the possibility that there was a motive behind his actions.

All in all, he just had to remain vigilant.

“Then I won’t disturb Junior Martial Brother any longer. I’m just here to get to know you.” As he spoke, he left Jiang Lan’s side.

He returned to the team from the Eighth Summit.

There were many people from the other summits present.

Only Jiang Lan was alone.

However, Jiang Lan felt that not everyone was a personal disciple.

As long as one’s talent wasn’t too bad, they could actually attend the ceremony.

However, the quota should also be limited.

As for those below the Golden Core Realm.

Jiang Lan felt that there wouldn’t be disciples at such a level here.

In a short moment, Jiang Lan arrived before a giant mountain peak.

Immortal clouds rose in spirals here, with quite a few rocks floating in the air.

However, he couldn’t see anything on top of the mountain.

One by one, people landed on the floating rocks. Jiang Lan also found a corner and gently landed.

He was a little disappointed.

This place did not really count as the Jade Pool.

In fact, he couldn’t even see the Jade Pool.


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