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Chapter 43: The Chance to Step into the Void Refinement realm

Jiang Lan nodded at Mo Zhengdong’s words.

He also felt that it was a problem with the Rainbow Auspicious Clouds.

However, it didn’t seem to be of much use.

Perhaps when he signed in, he could do one for himself.

It might increase his luck.

He wouldn’t bother with it if he was signing in normally, but he would give himself some luck if he was signing in at an important place.

However, the probability of it being useful was very low.

After all, the Rainbow Auspicious Clouds could not be compared to the Great Dao.

He should just take it as a form of psychological comfort.

“Do you have any other problems?” Mo Zhengdong asked Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan shook his head.


He planned to stay at the library for two days.

He hadn’t figured out the Bejeweled Nectar Wine yet, so he needed to find out more information.

He originally planned to stabilize his Essence Soul realm before checking.

But since he was free now, he might as well do it.

However, while Jiang Lan was fine, Mo Zhengdong wasn’t.

“You’ve perfected the Foundation Establishment realm for a while, right?” Mo Zhengdong asked.

Jiang Lan nodded.

“It’s been some time.”

He knew that it was time for his Master to help him again to advance to the Golden Core realm.

But advancing to the Golden Core realm was not as simple as advancing to the Foundation Establishment realm. This would probably waste some of his time.

However, Jiang Lan didn’t mind. He would just walk through the process. He was still focused on cultivating his Essence Soul.

Then, he would search for a chance to step into the Void Refinement realm.

“Take this.” Mo Zhengdong gave Jiang Lan a pot of wine.

Jiang Lan realized that this wine bottle was similar to the one in the inn, but there were also some differences.

He wondered where his Master got this from.

After Jiang Lan took the wine, Mo Zhengdong continued,

“After the sky turns dark tonight, make a trip to the Peaceful Void Lake and give this wine to the guard.

He will take you somewhere.

He will let you know what you need to do.

The rest will depend on you.”

Mo Zhengdong knew what kind of person Jiang Lan was.

He didn’t need to remind Jiang Lan like he was reminding a child.

He would do it himself.

If he spoke too much, it would affect Jiang Lan’s judgment.

Of course, if Jiang Lan’s judgment was wrong, he would take responsibility as his Master.

Jiang Lan put away the wine and answered, “Yes, Master.”

He had heard of the Peaceful Void Lake before.

It was the inn owner who said that if he gave the other party some good wine,they would be enthusiastic and they would help.

Was this what Master’s wine would do as well?

But if it was that simple, his Master could have just asked him to buy some wine.

Why did he have to give him such advice and even passed

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