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Chapter 50: Convinced

On the peak of the First Summit.

A middle-aged man stood in a pavilion. Beside him stood a young man.

His cultivation level was unfathomable, as if he had already seen the gate to immortality.

“Why haven’t I seen Gu Qi lately?”

Feng Yixiao’s voice was laced with dignity.

Among the new disciples in the past 200 years, Gu Qi was the most talented.

He naturally cared about him.

In the past, he could still be seen challenging his senior brothers and sisters.

But in the past few months, there had been no sound from him at all.

“Master doesn’t know, but Junior Brother has been at the Peaceful Void Lake for three months and has yet to appear,” Lin An replied respectfully.

“Three months?”

Feng Yixiao was surprised.

Three months in the Peaceful Void Lake was not an ordinary matter.

Among the current generation of disciples, there was basically no one who could achieve this.

“I’ll make a trip down.”

With that, Feng Yixiao disappeared on the spot and headed towards the Peaceful Void Lake.

At this moment, there were many people near the Peaceful Void Lake.

“It’s been three months. I’ve been waiting here for three months, but the disciple of the Ninth Summit still hasn’t appeared.

If I didn’t know that nobody would die in the Peaceful Void Lake, I would have suspected that he’s already dead inside.”

“However, I also realized that the senior brother from the First Summit hasn’t come out yet.”

“Could they be competing amongst themselves?”

“Surely not, right? That junior brother from the Ninth Summit doesn’t have the capability.”

“What do you mean he doesn’t have the capability? Did you not see that he has been inside for three months?

If he doesn’t have the capability, then do you have it?”

“I have to admit that it’s not a coincidence that this junior brother can stay in the Ninth Summit.

Although his talent was average and his cultivation depended on resources, his temperament is not ordinary.”

“I really want to see what’s going on inside. It’s been three months.”

The Ancient Wine Daoist said nothing. He only continued to drink.

However, when he placed the wine near his mouth, he suddenly paused.

A gust of wind blew outside the straw hut, followed by the sound of waves.

“Waves are forming?”

The Ancient Wine Daoist was taken aback.

Only those who were currently breaking through the limits of their mental state in the Peaceful Void Lake could cause the lake water to surge.

It was a refinement of one’s mental state.

A moment later, the Ancient Wine Daoist sighed.

“What a pity. If only he had enough talent…”

Then, the Ancient Wine Daoist shook his head. He was not his disciple, so he had nothing to worry about.

“Listen, there’s a sound.”

At this moment, all of them looked behind the straw hut.

They did hear some sounds.

“It’s the sound of the waves. Are there waves forming

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