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Chapter 55: This Picture Is Strange

Jiang Lan looked at Jing Ting.

He then said frankly.

“I’ve never used it on anyone before. It might not work and there’s even a chance something bad might happen.”

He had never used it on a living person before.

Hence, he wanted to give it a try too.

It was just nice that this senior brother of his requested him to do so.

It would save him the trouble of using it on himself.

Using it on others might not necessarily be the same as using it on oneself.

When it was used on others, perhaps he would feel something more.

The vegetative egg did make his spirit feel slightly blessed, but that was all.

Furthermore, the vegetative egg could not provide him any feedback.

“Please give it a try.” Jing Ting had no choice.

At this point in time, if he were to give up, all his efforts would be for naught.

As he was making a gamble from the start, he was naturally not afraid to gamble again.

Jiang Lan didn’t hesitate to use the Rainbow Auspicious Clouds on Jing Ting.

At this moment, a magical cloud descended from the sky.

Jiang Lan could feel an indescribable force supporting Jing Ting.

It was as if Jing Ting had gained some luck.

However, what surprised Jiang Lan was that when he used Rainbow Auspicious Clouds, seven-colored auspicious clouds would also appear on his body.

As Jing Ting’s body began to be covered by the rainbow clouds, the rainbow clouds on himself would disappear.

The rainbow clouds seemed to have no effect on himself. It was as if it was just stored and accumulated on his body over a period of time.

“I see.”

Jiang Lan instantly understood.

After he learned the Rainbow Auspicious Clouds spell, rainbow auspicious clouds would gather on his body.

The stronger the target, the greater the consumption of the rainbow auspicious clouds on his body.

Using it on a vegetative egg consumed not much rainbow auspicious clouds and hence, he couldn’t feel much.

But with Jing Ting’s Golden Core cultivation, he would naturally consume a lot of rainbow auspicious clouds.

However, the accumulation of the rainbow auspicious clouds seemed to be useless and had no effect on himself.


This was somewhat useless.

However, he could try to use it on himself.

As for whether it was useful or not, he would know the next time when he had tried it.

However, this spell was indeed not suitable to be used casually.

The slightest problem could easily lead to trouble.

This was especially so if it was used on those with powerful cultivations.

However, using it on the vegetative egg continuously seemed fine.

It did not consume much of his clouds.

Of course, the Rainbow Auspicious Clouds was only an auxiliary spell technique.

Jiang Lan’s focus was on cultivation, not on this.

Only with a powerful cultivation could he have unparalleled strength.

This was what he needed to pursue.

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