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Chapter 45: The Shock From Jing Ting

On the Ninth Summit.

Jing Ting and Mu Xiu looked at Ao Longyu in surprise.

It was dark. Completely dark.

However, Ao Longyu was still unconscious.

As of now, there was no problem at all.


Somewhat exceeded their expectations.

“Could it be that this array formation can last for a few more days?” Jing Ting asked curiously.

“But Senior Sister Ao seems very calm. If it was like the previous times, it shouldn’t be so easy now.” Mu Xiu was astonished.

This was different from what they had expected.

“Junior Sister, your attainments in array formations are slightly higher. Do you think there is any difference between this array formation and the ones you used in your previous cultivations?” Jing Ting asked Mu Xiu.

Mu Xiu looked troubled as she shook her head at Jing Ting.

“Our attainments in array formations are not that different.

Senior Brother Jing, you are also aware that only by entering the Bright Deity Array can we clearly sense the details.

Apart from Senior Sister Ao, it’s impossible for us to know the exact situation.”

Jing Ting and Mu Xiu had already finished drawing their array formation. They could actually cultivate now.

However, they were still concerned about Ao Longyu’s condition.

“Forget it, let’s cultivate first.

Senior Sister Ao seems fine now,” Jing Ting said.

Mu Xiu nodded. That was indeed the case.

They needed to cultivate now as well.

The longer they stayed on the Ninth Summit, the more disadvantageous it was for them.

Therefore, every day was very important.

After one time, there wouldn’t be much of an effect if the next time.

Then, the two of them found a spot and were ready to cultivate.

However, they had just sat down when they saw an unexpected change at Ao Longyu’s side.

A beam of light suddenly blossomed from Ao Longyu’s body.

The light was weak, but it was dazzling in Jing Ting and Mu Xiu’s eyes.

They stood up instantly.

They looked at Ao Longyu in shock.

“Senior Brother Jing, what do you think happened to Senior Sister Ao?” Mu Xiu looked at Ao Longyu, appalled.

She seemed to have a guess.

Jing Ting naturally had a guess as well. He said in disbelief,

“Junior Sister must have read the notes left behind by our senior brothers and sisters who came to the Ninth Summit in the past as well.

One of the records said that…

Hundred years of merit, a thousand-year opportunity. In front of the Netherworld Cave is the Radiance of The Deity.”

“It can’t be, right?

Opportunity and luck are one thing, but what’s more important is that our senior brothers and sisters had a rather thorough understanding of array formations.

We know far less about array formations than…”

At this moment, Mu Xiu thought of something and looked at Jing Ting in shock.

“It can’t be…”

She thought about what happened in the morning.

She remembered that

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