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“It’s stabilized.”

Jiang Lan nodded.

Initially, Jiang Lan thought that he would receive a gift from his master after his advancement.

After all, when he built his foundation, his master had given him a vegetative egg.

However, because of the vegetative egg, his master no longer gave him any more gifts.

His master had thought that it was a spirit pet initially, but who knew that it would end up as a potted plant instead?

Jiang Lan didn’t expect this either.

He had already thought of letting his spirit pet watch his door.

If its spiritual wisdom was sufficient, it could help him clean up the hall and clear the grass by the roadside.

However, one’s plans could not keep up with changes.

“You’ve been on the mountain for decades, but you’ve never been down, have you?” Mo Zhengdong asked softly.

As soon as he asked, Jiang Lan immediately said,

“Master, I don’t want to go down the mountain for now.”

Mo Zhengdong remained silent.

“You have formed your Golden Core, it’s time to go train in the outside world.”

“Master, I will go out and train when I become an immortal in the future.”


Mo Zhengdong looked at Jiang Lan and didn’t know what to say.

“But without actual combat, your future path will be dangerous. It will also be a form of resistance, preventing you from becoming an immortal,” Mo Zhengdong said.

Jiang Lan lowered his head in silence.

“There are many spirit herbs in the Witchcloud Mountain Range. The demonic beasts there aren’t too strong. Do you want to give it a try? The party leader is a Human Immortal. ”

“Too far.”

Jiang Lan had naturally heard of the Witchcloud Mountain Range. It was said that many disciples would head there to train.

However, it was located in the desolate north.

The distance from Kunlun to the mountain range was not something that could be reached by flying.

Jiang Lan naturally wouldn’t go so far away.

It was too dangerous.

“What about the Qilin Mountain Range? It’s not too far. It’s about a ten days journey from here. With someone leading the team, the trip would take at most five days. The fortuitous opportunities in the Qilin Mountain Range are immeasurable. Also, it’s very easy to find a spirit beast that can be a spirit pet.” Mo Zhengdong asked again.

Jiang Lan thought for a moment and said.

“Master, is there somewhere where I can go and come back within two hours?”

Mo Zhengdong remained silent.

Was this disciple of his intending on going down the mountain to help clear the roadblocks?

Jiang Lan lowered his head in silence.

He did not reject such training. After all, he really lacked actual combat experience.

Some things required practical experience.

However, it was too dangerous for him to leave the Ninth Summit.

Before becoming an immortal, he did not want to go out.

That was unless it was a necessity. However, up till now, there had not been such a case.


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