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Chapter 47: Fight to Compete

The ninth location of the Peaceful Void Lake required not only one’s state of mind, but also the strength of one’s realm.

In theory, one could not enter the ninth location unless they had reached the Golden Core realm.

Even if one could enter, it would take quite some time for the Ancient Wine Daoist to execute it.

Many people had brought wine to the Ancient Wine Daoist.

He just didn’t want to go through the process again.

Because it was a waste of time.

There were some people who could not enter the Peaceful Void Lake.

They could only ask the Ancient Wine Daoist to send them in.

After entering, it would more or less help a little.

It was late at night.

Some disciples were waiting by the pond outside the Peaceful Void Lake.

They wanted to see when the disciple of the Ninth Summit would come out.

Two hours had passed, but the other party still hadn’t come out.

“Looks like the junior brother of the Ninth Summit did not fall into the bottom of the lake instantly.”

Under normal circumstances, he would have already fallen into the lake once by now.

“However, when he reaches his limit, he will still be sent out.”

“Since it’s the first time he is entering, his performance will more or less be unstable. If he stabilizes his mind, he can probably stay for half a day.

He should then be able to stay for quite some time after that.”

“I heard that those with better innate potential can only stay for three days at most. Only true geniuses can stay for seven days. I heard that the senior brother from the First Summit can stay up to a month at most.

It seems like no one in the past 200 years can compare to the senior brother from the First Summit.”

“I wonder if the junior brother from the Ninth Summit will encounter the senior brother from the First Summit. If he does, he’ll realize that his luck isn’t too good, right?”

“We’ll see. He might come out in a sorry state tomorrow morning.”

Jiang Lan was walking on the lake. He walked very slowly, and sometimes, he would stop.

However, no matter how Jiang Lan walked, his head remained lowered, always looking at the lake.

He realized that his reflection in the lake had an outline.

However, the more he wanted to see clearly, the deeper he would sink.

It was easy for other thoughts to appear as he was constantly attacked by his seven emotions and six desires.

Pride, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, envy, and lust.

Jiang Lan could clearly feel these emotions growing. He felt as if he was about to be drowned out and controlled by them.

All he could do was block them one by one.

When resisting, he would walk his own path.

However, when he walked, he would reflect on himself and find out if he had been imperceptibly controlled.

However, even he could not maintain this state forever.

Sometimes he would feel his heart begin to race. Once he realized it, he w

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