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Chapter 60: Can You Have A Child With Me?

The woman was right in front of Jiang Lan, and she didn’t do anything to overstep her boundaries.

It was as if she was just here to have a normal conversation with Jiang Lan.

There was a hint of shyness on her face.

“Discuss how to take my life?” Jiang Lan looked at the woman calmly.

The woman wasn’t surprised or alarmed by Jiang Lan’s words. She only shook her head with a smile.

“Of course not. Fellow Daoist’s life is so precious, you definitely won’t give it to others.”

Why would I make such an unreasonable request? “Xixi looked at Jiang Lan and explained. Then, she lowered her head and said.

“Xixi saw that you were special and wanted to…”

As she spoke, Xixi raised her head to look at Jiang Lan, her face blushing.

“I want to have a child with you. I wonder if I could do so? ”

When Jiang Lan heard this, he felt a pair of hands appear behind him, as if they were trying to control him.

As long as he relaxed his mind, he would give the hands a chance to control himself.

And after that, he would be unable to control his body anymore.

At that point in time, his life would be in the hands of someone else.

However, Jiang Lan didn’t give these two hands a chance.

Jiang Lan turned to look at the woman beside him and said calmly,

“I refuse.”

As soon as he finished speaking.

Jiang Lan’s fist moved.

Xixi, who was using her Charm Spell, frowned. The other party had no reaction towards her charm at all.

No matter how she looked at it, he did not seem like someone who had just entered the mortal world.

As Jiang Lan swung his fist, Xixi immediately tried to escape.

She had failed to control Jiang Lan. She had to leave.

However, the fist had already arrived. A powerful force swept across Xi Xi’s body.


Before Xixi’s world turned dark, she saw a blood-red world.

She then felt an indescribable pain running through her body.

How was that possible?

When she realized that her body was broken, she could not understand what had just happened.

This man was actually so ruthless and did not have the slightest bit of pity for her.


He was so powerful.

If she knew Jiang Lan was so strong, she would have struck first.

Her heart was filled with unwillingness.

However, she could only die.

Jiang Lan punched half of her body into a bloody mist.

Putting aside the fact that the other party was only a Golden Core cultivator, even if she was an Essence Soul cultivator, she would still be unable to react in time.

If she had not underestimated him, she might have managed to react.

As Jiang Lan understood this, he never underestimated his enemies.

What if the other party had also concealed his cultivation?

It depended on who hid more.

Jiang Lan didn’t hate women, but he didn’t like a woman who wanted to kill him.

“Hiding his cultivation? No wonder he’s so fearle

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