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Chapter 54: Advancement

At the entrance to the Netherworld Cave, Mu Xiu looked at the entrance.

“It’s been three months. I wonder when this Junior Brother will come out.”

Yes, three months had passed since Jiang Lan entered the Netherworld Cave to cultivate.

And today was the day they would leave.

Their cultivation here had been completed.

Staying any longer would not only bring them no benefits, it would also bring them danger.

“Senior Brother, are you still planning to wait?” Mu Xiu asked Jing Ting.

Jing Ting wanted to stay because of the issue with the array formation.

They were very curious as to whether Jiang Lan had mastered Rainbow Auspicious Clouds.

If possible, they hoped that he could use it on them once.

After all, their next step of cultivation was more or less related to luck.

It was an opportunity not to be missed.

However, since the other party didn’t come out, they couldn’t waste too much time waiting either.

If they missed their next cultivation opportunity, it would be very difficult for them to chance upon it again.

Ao Longyu was already far ahead. In a few more years, she should be able to break through to the Essence Soul realm.

Once she stepped into the Essence Soul realm, she would be close to the immortal path.

“I’ll wait another three days.”

Jing Ting looked at the hole and said, “Three days is my limit.”

“Then I won’t accompany Senior Brother. I’m going to chase after Senior Sister Ao. I hope Senior Brother can wait until the end.” Mu Xiu turned and left after saying that.

Three days were very important to them.

One step ahead meant a constant lead ahead of the others.

Waiting for Jiang Lan to come out was too risky a move.

He hadn’t even come out in three months. It would be very difficult for him to come out within the next three days.

Furthermore, one had to bet on the fact that Jiang Lan knew the spell Rainbow Auspicious Clouds.

Even if the other party knew how to use it, he would have to be willing to use it.

Thus, it could be said to be almost impossible for Jiang Lan to cast Rainbow Auspicious Clouds on them.

Jing Ting sent Mu Xiu away with his gaze.

While he continued to wait.

Three days. Just three more days.

Jiang Lan opened his eyes and discovered that he had almost digested everything.

This surprised him.

He was only a step away from the mid-stage Essence Soul Realm after making a trip to the Peaceful Void Lake.

Jiang Lan took out the Divine Feather Pill.

Since he was only one step away from the mid-stage Essence Soul Realm, he would directly advance before leaving.

After taking the pill, Jiang Lan began to attempt to advance.

He could clearly feel that his essence soul was becoming pure and solid.

He then calmed his mind.

Three days passed in a flash.

Jiang Lan, who had his eyes closed, felt the surroundings turn from blurry to clear.

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