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When they looked at Jiang Lan, they discovered that Jiang Lan didn’t have any defenses up at all. He simply walked amidst the Netherworld aura.

The Netherworld aura was unable to affect him in the slightest.

It was as if he had fused with the Netherworld aura.

They did not interfere with each other.

Was this his temperament?

What level of mental fortitude was needed to achieve this?

Disregarding the influence of the Netherworld aura, his heart was as calm as a mirror and as flexible and tolerant as water.

Whether it was Ao Longyu or the others, they had only heard that the disciple of the Ninth Summit had an extraordinary temperament, but they had never faced his extraordinariness directly.

Seeing him today, it was truly better to see it for themselves than to just hear about it.

It was not without reason that this junior brother could stay in the Ninth Summit and possess such cultivation resources.

If the others had half of this junior brother’s temperament, they would be able to stay in the Ninth Summit, right?

“What sort of disposition does Junior Brother possess to be able to walk so casually in the Netherworld Cave?” Jing Ting couldn’t help but ask.

Jiang Lan glanced at the three of them before shaking his head.

“It doesn’t have much to do with one’s temperament. I’m just used to it.”

Jing Ting and the others didn’t believe it.

This Netherworld aura was not something that could be easily gotten used to.

If he was really used to it, it would definitely have something to do with the Netherworld creatures.

For example, cultivating the Netherworld cultivation techniques.

But anyone could tell that Jiang Lan had cultivated the Kunlun Heart Sutra.

There was no sign of him being affected by the aura of the Netherworld at all.

This was something that could only be done by stabilizing one’s mind and not being disturbed.

Jiang Lan didn’t care whether they believed him or not.

In any case, he had gotten used to it bit by bit. The improvement of his temperament only made it easier for him to get used to it.

Jiang Lan then brought the three of them to the Netherworld passageway.

It was still that well.

“We’re here. The well connects to the Netherworld, but we can only look at it directly after becoming Immortals,” Jiang Lan explained.

Ao Longyu and the others nodded. They had no intention of checking the well. Only those who achieved immortality could do so. They were still a distance away from Immortal Ascension.

However, they also saw that there was a small house in the Netherworld Cave. It looked like there was really someone living there.

This junior brother really lives here?

Wasn’t this too terrifying?

After giving them a rough understanding of the Netherworld Cave, Jiang Lan paid them no mind.

They were going to be outside the cave and would only enter occasionally.


After they left, Jiang Lan returned to his smal

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