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Chapter 41: Jiang Lan’s Guidance in Formations

As for the vegetative egg…

How should he put it?

It seemed to have become weaker.

At the beginning of his discomfort, the black and white patterns on the vegetative egg began to fade.

Jiang Lan felt its life force weaken.

It was probably sick.

In the past half a month, Jiang Lan had used the Rainbow Auspicious Clouds once a day.

Now, he was no longer using it.

Jiang Lan wasn’t sure if it was because he had used it too much, thus weakening the vegetative egg.

After watering the vegetative egg with some spirit liquid, he left the Netherworld Cave.

Ao Longyu and the others were originally cultivating, but as time passed, they felt that it was getting more and more difficult to be here.

If not for the fact that they had their Dharma treasures with them, they would not dare to cultivate here at all.

Thus, the more they trained, the more shocked they were about the junior brother of the Netherworld Cave.

With their cultivation levels, they could indeed stay here for a long time.

However, it was very difficult to cultivate.

They had to resist the influence of the Netherworld aura while cultivating at the same time.

This was an extremely difficult task.

Ao Longyu opened her eyes and looked at the Bright Deity Array in silence.

The further they got, the more troublesome the Bright Deity Array became. Furthermore, it would bring them some pressure as well.

This was something that all of their fellow disciples would encounter in the past.

It was said that the Bright Deity Array had been modified several times, but it would always bring about certain effects.

They were actually modifying it as well.

But the impact was still there.

“The pressure from the Bright Deity Array is increasing. I think we should go somewhere else,” Mu Xiu said.

Yes, another place could reduce the impact.

This was the experience left behind by their senior brothers and sisters.

However, if they were further away from the cave, the effects of their cultivation would be inferior.

But it was impossible for them to enter the Netherworld Cave, because they could not withstand it.

Not changing locations would only backfire on them.

A month was already their limit.

“Let’s wait until after today. It will take some time to change locations.

If we don’t change it, it’s easy to have inner demons.” As Jing Ting spoke, he glanced at the Netherworld Cave.

“That junior brother has been inside for an entire month. Is there really no problem?

I’ll believe it if you say that he has already gone completely berserk.”

“The Ninth Summit’s Master didn’t come over to take a look. He probably has a lot of confidence in this junior brother.

But I feel a little horrified.” Mu Xiu was also surprised.

It had really been too long.

If they had never cultivated here, they might not have had too many thoughts ab

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