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Jiang Lan saw the figure collapse outside the circle.

Because of the fog, Jiang Lan couldn’t see the person clearly.

However, he still got up and walked over.

It was a beautiful woman wearing the Kunlun disciple uniform.

There were traces of blood on her body and she seemed very weak.

As for the specific injuries, Jiang Lan couldn’t see them.


“Are you alright?” Jiang Lan walked to the edge of the circle and asked.

“Is, is this Senior Sister Longyu’s protective circle?” The beauty raised her head and looked at Jiang Lan as she struggled to speak.

She was a very beautiful woman.

“You are?” Jiang Lan asked.

“I-I’m a disciple of the Third Summit, Wu Ji.

We have encountered a beast tide. Junior Brother, can you help us?

Senior Sister Longyu saved us and went to save the other disciples.

It wasn’t easy for us to come here, but everyone is too seriously injured to move closer.

I can only count on you, Junior Brother,” Wu Ji pleaded as she looked at Jiang Lan.

Her pitiful look made one’s heart ache.

“How many more of you are there?” Jiang Lan asked.

He did not care how good-looking and delicate the other party was.

“Three, three of them. Two of them are seriously injured, and one of them stayed behind to watch.

I’m not seriously injured, so I came to seek help.” Wu Ji spat out a mouthful of blood after saying that.

She looked like she was in an extremely sorry state.

Jiang Lan looked at Wu Ji silently.

“There are three more. If it’s true, it means that there are three more enemies.

This person has only perfected the Foundation Establishment stage, and the other three should not have Golden Cores either.

It’s not a big problem.” With that thought, Jiang Lan nodded and replied,


If there was a Golden Core cultivator among them, they should have been able to break through Senior Sister Ao’s protective circle.

However, the other party referred to Senior Siser Ao as Senior Sister Longyu.

That senior sister was called Ao Longyu?

Jiang Lan actually didn’t know that.

However, he didn’t confirm it. After all, if the other party wanted to cause trouble for him, he also wanted to deal with it.

Keeping a problem around was never a good idea.

“Really?” Wu Ji looked grateful.

“Thank you, Junior Brother. Which summit are you from?”

“The Ninth Summit.” As he spoke, Jiang Lan walked out of the circle.

The moment he walked out, he could clearly sense that the other party had gathered her strength, as if she was prepared to attack at any moment.


However, only he who was at the Golden Core stage could sense it.

It was impossible if he had only perfected the Qi Refinement realm.

Even a cultivator who had perfected the Foundation Establishment realm would find it difficult. The other party had a Dharma treasure concealing them.

“Senior Sister, can you get up?” Jiang Lan asked.

“Yes, ye

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