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“He can’t take another step. Seems like he’s overestimated himself.”

“What’s the point? It’s already very impressive to be able to get two. He is really asking for trouble for staying at the Ninth Summit despite being so unsteady.”

“Just wait and see. This disciple who’s only at the second-stage of the Qi Refinement realm is asking for trouble.”

At this time, Jiang Lan was sensing the three Dharma treasures. After he perceiving them, countless storms were swept into his mind.

Many thoughts were growing continuously in his heart.

Pride, anger, greed, lust. All these thoughts kept appearing.

The most obvious was arrogance.

Yes. Because of the system, he could be said to have surpassed everyone.

There was nothing wrong with being arrogant. But being overly arrogant was equivalent to being conceited.


Arrogance must have one’s own foundation and self-awareness.

What Jiang Lan needed to do was to see through himself.

However, in this temperament test, it was still a bit difficult for Jiang Lan. The moment he had any deviating thoughts, it would bring about all kinds of storms.

It seemed that his temperament was still very ordinary.

After Jiang Lan’s thoughts were swept up in the storm, the foot that should have landed was still unable to land.

The middle-aged man who was in charge of the arrangements felt that something was amiss with Jiang Lan.

At that moment, he finally realized what was wrong.

He waved his hand, and a surge of energy passed through the three Dharma treasures.

Everyone witnessed a beam of light connecting the three Dharma treasures to Jiang Lan.

It was as if they had become Jiang Lan’s stumbling block before he could land his foot.

“How… how can this be?” The middle-aged man was in disbelief.

“He actually wants to obtain all three treasures at the same time?” The disciples of the other summits also realized that something was amiss.

“No way. Three? Is he crazy? He isn’t taking them one by one. Is he trying to kill himself?”

“He sure is confident in himself. However, if he’s careless, he might get himself into trouble. Even if he succeeds, there won’t be any benefits for him.”

“Just the stubbornness of the weak.”

Yes, because the Ninth Summit was too weak, or rather, this disciple was too weak. After being criticized by others, he started showing off.

If it was someone strong, they only needed to show their cultivation.

No one dared to say another word.

“If he really succeeds, doesn’t that mean he has an exceptional temperament?”

“Succeeds? How is that possible?”

“No, look! He’s going to put his foot down.”

Everyone looked over at that moment.

It was only now that they realized that Jiang Lan’s foot was slowly descending, and the light around the Dharma treasures was blossoming incessantly.

Everyone could tell that this was a sign of success.

The middle-aged man in charge looked at Jiang Lan, fin

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