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Jiang Lan held the bottle in surprise.

He didn’t expect his senior sister to come for this.

There was a high chance that his trick has helped her out.

When he fought with the black-robed man back then, the lack of fog had a significant impact.

It was likely that she had used his repelling array formation and the Spirit Language Spell.

A genius was indeed a genius.

In the end, Jiang Lan thanked her.

“Thank you, Senior Sister Ao.”

He did not reject it as if he accepted it, they would not owe each other anything.

Although Jiang Lan had many Foundation Building Pill.

As the only disciple of the Ninth Summit, he definitely did not lack resources when he advanced to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

His master had given him many Foundation Building Pills. If he didn’t have enough, there would definitely be a pile waiting for him to collect.

This was the benefit of being the only disciple.

Ao Longyu nodded at Jiang Lan before turning to leave.

It was good that the other party was willing to accept it.

She was only afraid that he wouldn’t.

As for the other party’s advancement, Ao Longyu would naturally help guard him.

It was her duty.

Jiang Lan watched the other party leave and didn’t pay her much mind.

Then, he sat down cross-legged and began cultivating.

He also ate a Foundation Building Pill.

It would be unreasonable not to eat one.

Tomorrow morning, he would successfully enter the Foundation Building realm.

In the future, he would not have to check if there were any mental demons when he returned.

It would depend on when his master remembered to check.

He did not reject this kind of thing because he might not even know about it the moment he had mental demons.

The only way to find out was to get someone to check.

Therefore, since his master had not checked for a long time, he would probably ask his master to do so.

On the Ninth Summit of Kunlun Mountain.

Mo Zhengdong suddenly received a message.

After reading it, he stood up and disappeared on the spot.

When he reappeared, he was already on the Third Summit.

And where he stood was the entrance of the Third Summit’s mystic realm.

There were many people here.

A woman was leading the group. She was elegant, beautiful, and exuded a powerful aura.

Before her, the rest seemed to be lacking in their presence.

She was the Third Summit’s Peak Master, Zhu Qing.


“Senior Brother Mo is here?” Zhu Qing asked softly when she saw Mo Zhengdong.

Mo Zhengdong nodded. Then, he looked at the entrance of the mystic realm and said,

“What’s going on inside?”

Yes, he had received the news that there was a problem here. That was why he had specially went over.

His only disciple was inside.

And it was a disciple he wished would stay in the Ninth Summit.

If something were to happen, where would he find such a good disciple again?

This was

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