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After returning to the Ninth Summit, Jiang Lan went to meet Mo Zhengdong.

Mo Zhengdong was stunned when he saw the five Dharma treasures Jiang Lan took out.

Then, he tried asking,

“You took all five?”


He didn’t really dare to believe it. He felt that it was normal if he could get back three treasures. But five?

Amongst Jiang Lan’s batch of disciples, they were absolutely not inferior in terms of temperament.


“Yes, Master. I brought back a total of five treasures,” Jiang Lan said softly.

“What if there were six?” Mo Zhengdong asked subconsciously.


What Jiang Lan meant just now was that there were only five treasures in total, so he only took five.

If not, he would have taken as many as he could.

“Master knows that Dharma treasures aren’t easy to obtain.” Jiang Lan lowered his head and said softly.

If there was a sixth treasure, he wasn’t sure if he could have gotten it either.


It should be very difficult.

His strength was not enough, and his temperament was not compatible with his lack of strength.

It was better if he’d further trained his Immovable Wisdom King Incantation.

“Keep these Dharmic treasures. There’s also this. It’s some records and knowledge regarding the Dharmic treasures. You should familiarize yourself with them.

In the future, it would be easier to know what Dharma treasure you received and how to use it.

All the books are available in the library of the Ninth Summit. You can browse through them as you please.” Mo Zhengdong handed Jiang Lan a book and said casually.

He was very generous to Jiang Lan.

He only hoped that this disciple could stay in the Ninth Summit for a long time.

It would be best if he could take over the Ninth Summit.

However, it was too difficult. If he wanted to take over the Ninth Summit, it would be impossible if he did not become an immortal.

He didn’t even have the qualifications to look directly at the Netherworld’s passageway, let alone guard the Netherworld’s entrance.

“Thank you, Master.”

After that, Jiang Lan kept the book and magic treasures.

He left the Ninth Summit and arrived at the back mountain.

He intended to cultivate here.

He basically lived here now.

The number of times he had returned to the courtyard had decreased instead.

As he sat in the Netherworld Cave, he placed the Dharma treasures on the ground and began to read through the comprehensive book about Dharma treasures.

Soon, he knew what the five Dharma treasures were and what they were used for.


Spiritual swords were nothing much. They were just ordinary spiritual swords.

It was slightly better than the ones in the hands of ordinary disciples.

The boots were called High Wind Boots. With the power of the wind, they could speed up a lot.

It was somewhat useful for Jiang Lan, and the boots were more comfortable than what he was wearing now.

The box was a sealed box

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