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Jiang Lan looked at Xin Jiao, who was not far away, his face expressionless.

The other party was not strong.

Hence, he did not have much emotional fluctuations.

However, he did not dare to relax.

He walked towards Xin Jiao step by step as his calm voice followed:

“You don’t like me.”

“It’s me who is blind.” Xin Jiao looked at Jiang Lan with fear and unease.

Jiang Lan didn’t say much about this. He walked towards Xin Jiao a step at a time.

Xin Jiao continuously backed up. He wanted to run, but he knew that it was difficult to escape.

His opponent was too strong.

“Why are you messing with me?” Jiang Lan asked.

He wanted to figure out what his motive was.

As long as he wasn’t targeting him because he knew his secret, then it was nothing.

“For, for a big plan.” Xin Jiao looked at Jiang Lan and said.

“A big plan?” Jiang Lan thought about it and felt that it probably would not affect the Ninth Summit.

After all, he was the only one who came from there.

There was nothing to target.

Xin Jiao quietly placed his remaining hand behind him.

No matter what the big plan was, the other party wad definitely interested.

As long as he was interested, he would have a chance.

The other party would not let him off, but he could make use of this perilous situation and attack him back.

Poison. He had a poison strong enough to kill a Golden Core.

As long as the other party was distracted for a moment.

He wanted to use the information that he had to surprise the other party.

“Yes, a big plan. A big plan regarding the entire Kunlun. It concerns the next few hundred years,” Xin Jiao said fearfully.


He seemed very afraid.

“I see,” Jiang Lan said in a low voice.

That’s right. You’re interested, aren’t you?

Ask me. Ask me.

Jiang Lan looked at Xin Jiao and waved his fist.


Under Xin Jiao’s horrified gaze, the terrifying fist landed on his body.

With a bang, Xin Jiao turned into a blood mist.

He didn’t understand till his death, why this person didn’t ask.

Why wasn’t he interested in such a big matter?

Jiang Lan retracted his fist and said calmly,

“Since it concerns the entire Kunlun, it doesn’t have much to do with me.”


After all, with his current capability, there was nothing he could do.

Besides, what was so nice about listening to a plan that would last for hundreds of years?


Jiang Lan then left.

It was already early in the morning. He had to go to the peak of the mountain to sign in.

He was sure that no one was watching him. Now that the problem was solved, it made him feel much more relaxed.


As for Xin Jiao’s death, Jiang Lan didn’t plan to tell anyone.

He would wait until someone discovered him.

Of course, no one would suspect him. How could a disciple who has just perfected Qi Refinement cause harm to a cultivator who has perfected the Foundation Establishment?

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