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“He actually dared to leave Ao Longyu’s range of perception. He’s truly courageous.”

Xin Jiao sat on a tree with a snake coiled around it.

It was through this snake that he saw Jiang Lan’s figure.

A snake with two pupils.

It was a natural magical power, the Clairvoyance.

This was his spirit beast. Very few people knew of its existence.

“According to the plan, we have to find a way to lure Ao Longyu into a trap and hunt her down.


She escaped three years ago. Today, I want to see how she will escape this killing.”

Xin Jiao touched the snake with two pupils.


At this moment, a lightning mark appeared on his face.


However, this mark flashed past before disappearing.

“Let’s use this disciple from the Ninth Summit by taking him down, then lure Ao Longyu over.

If someone reported it, she would definitely make a move.


Let’s have some fun with this little fellow. ”


Xin Jiao smiled and headed towards Jiang Lan.

His speed was extremely fast.


It was not the speed of an ordinary cultivator who had just perfected the Foundation Establishment.

Jiang Lan walked along the mountain path. He could feel that someone was approaching him very quickly.

“It feels like someone who has perfected the Foundation Establishment realm, but its speed has surpassed that realm.

There is a possibility that he has learned a cultivation technique similar to the Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel like me. Or he has concealed his cultivation. ”

Jiang Lan thought for a moment before realizing that hiding their cultivation level would meant that they’re doing the same as him.


All of a sudden, the low growls of demonic beasts sounded from the forest.

It was a herd of beasts.

Jiang Lan turned to look in the direction of the growls, while they were also staring at him.

Since the other party was here, there was no need for Jiang Lan to move.

He stood where he was, waiting for them to appear.

Not long after.

A few sparse voices could be heard as some demonic beasts began to appear in front of Jiang Lan.

There were demonic beasts similar to tigers and wild boars.

They were all above the Foundation Establishment stage.


Suddenly, the tiger-like demonic beast charged towards Jiang Lan.


At this critical moment, Jiang Lan went in the opposite direction of its attack. The tiger-like demon bit down on a huge tree.


The tree collapsed.


The tiger-like demonic beast stared at Jiang Lan, not attacking again.

“Tsk tsk, the junior brother of the Ninth Summit is indeed extraordinary.

He actually managed to maintain his cool. ”

A voice came from behind the herd.

Jiang Lan remembered that the voice belonged to Xin Jiao.

“Senior brother, are you here to borrow my red gourd?” Jiang Lan asked.


He needed to figure out the other party’s motive.

If he mad

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