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[One Leaf Vision: Concealed from the heavens above, and concealed from all living beings below. One’s vision of the world can be neglected by something trivial.]


Jiang Lan looked what was in front of him and suddenly understood. This was something that could hide his secrets and hide what others saw.

It was indeed very useful to him.

Sometimes, it was inconvenient for him to make a move. It was also inconvenient to use Dharma treasures.

As long as he had One Leaf Vision, no one would be able to see him clearly.

If they fought, he would also be able to gain the upper hand.

This was a mystical power that could not be learned.

It had nothing to do with talent.

It was rare for the same mystical power to appear. Even if it was the same, there wouldn’t be many people in the entire vast wilderness who would have it.

While Jiang Lan was still paying attention to the mystical power, the middle-aged man spoke again.

“Disciples, please begin accepting the Dharma treasures. How much you can take depends on your temperament.”

These words were basically directed at Jiang Lan, because he was the only one who came from the Ninth Summit. It was basically impossible for him to obtain all of them.

Therefore, if he wanted to take more, he had to have a temperament that was strong enough. Otherwise, his Dharma treasures would harm others.

This was the same as Jiang Lan’s worry about the mismatch in his strength and temperament.

A nouveau riche would be different from a rich man’s son with inside information.

Jiang Lan looked around him and realized that it was rare for others to get two Dharma treasures. It was not because they were weak-minded, but because they only had so many.

As they were fast in taking their Dharma treasures, everyone had looked towards Jiang Lan.

They wanted to know how many the disciple from Ninth Summit could take.

“Guess how many would he be able to take?”

“I’ve seen a disciple of the Ninth Summit in the past, but he only took one. He didn’t even touch a second item.”

“Yes, yes. I heard that he peed his pants on the spot because of the inner demons. That might be the case too.”

“No matter what, he won’t be able to take more than a few treasures. I remember that one of the Senior Brothers from the First Summit had to use all of his power to get the fifth piece.

Being able to take three treasures is already very rare. ”

“Don’t even think about three. By the time he reached the second treasure, he would have been controlled by the mental demons. Everyone knows what sort of place the Ninth Summit is.”

“If it were me, I would definitely just take the first treasure and not touch the second.”

Jiang Lan looked at the Dharma treasures in front of him and realized that there were only five of them, which was already considered a lot.

After all, he came alone.

All Dharma treasures were divided according to the number of people.


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