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After walking out of the Netherworld Cave, Jiang Lan headed towards the peak of the Ninth Summit.

Today was the day his Master examined his body.


In the past few months, these examinations had not been missed once.

At first, he examined him once every three days, then once a week.

If there were no problems with the check-up this time, the follow-up examination would be done once a month.

Once he had completed his Foundation Establishment, there was no need for him to check again.


He just needed to check occasionally.

The main reason was because they were worried that he would give birth to inner demons and eventually be doomed.

Jiang Lan understood this. He was also worried that he would have mental demons.

After all, his advancement was too fast.

As for his cultivation on the surface, it was at the second-stage of the Qi Refinement realm, which was relatively superior.


Although his innate talent was not great, his cultivation speed was not much slower than those geniuses.

His Master had really nurtured him with all his might. His cultivation techniques and medicinal pills were no less than his.


In order to not leave any side effects, his Master personally tempered his body.


Although it was already useless to him, he still took in his Master’s sincerity.

Even if he was truly invincible in the future, he would still remain here.


Guard what his Master wanted him to guard.

This was comradeship.

Of course, it was not that his Master’s teachings were useless. The theoretical knowledge and spells he imparted were all useful.

For example, some Imperial Wind Techniques.


It was very convenient as they allowed him to travel in the air for a short period of time.


There were also the Imperial Sword Techniques.

However, the Imperial Sword Techniques could only be used after one reached Foundation Establishment. His Master had taught him a rough idea, but Jiang Lan had already learned it.

He just didn’t dare to tell his Master.

Under normal circumstances, he would use all the Imperial Wind Techniques.

Soon, Jiang Lan arrived at the peak of the Ninth Summit.

“Master, Disciple is here to check my state of mind.”

Jiang Lan arrived behind Mo Zhengdong and spoke respectfully.

At this moment, Mo Zhengdong was standing at the edge of the mountain peak. He looked outside in a daze.

When Jiang Lan’s voice rang out, he turned to look at him.

This was his favorite disciple after all these years.

He was hardworking, serious, and could withstand the corrosion of the Netherworld aura.

He was impressed.

Naturally, he was not stingy at all and gave everything he could.

He wanted to nurture him well with all his might.

It would allow him to escape the corrosion of the Netherworld aura as soon as possible.

“Come here,” Mo Zhengdong said.

He tapped Jiang Lan’s forehead as he a

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