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Ye Qingran asked her coldly, “What does this have to do with me?”

“? ? ?”

Mu Qingxue was slightly stunned. She probably didn’t expect Ye Qingran to reply to her so coldly, “You, can’t you be kinder? …”

Ye Qingran asked back, “Why didn’t you know to be kinder when you framed me previously? A person should be punished for their mistakes. Otherwise, a small mistake would turn into a big one. You framed me for rape today, so what if you kill me in the future? I’m doing this for her own good.”

Mu Qingxue was so anxious that she was about to cry. “Do you know how difficult it is for Jingjing’s parents? For Jingjing they…”

Ye Qingran interrupted her, “If she really understands her parents, she should study hard. Also, don’t stand on a moral high ground and criticize me. Don’t think that I don’t know that you’re behind this.”


Mu Qingxue appeared shocked, as if she didn’t understand. “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Ye Qingran didn’t reply her but continued, “I’m a beauty lover, and a very shallow one. Not only does one’s face need to be good-looking, but one also need to have fair skin, a thin waist, and long legs. But you…”

She didn’t hide her disgust as she looked at Mu Qingxue from head to toe.

She shook her head and turned around to leave.

Mu Qingxue clenched her fists as her eyes turned red. She shouted, “It doesn’t matter how you insult me, but I will never let you hurt Jing Jing.”

She turned around and saw Si Jing standing behind her.

She immediately blamed herself and shouted, “I’m sorry, Jing Jing. I’m useless. I couldn’t help you.”

Then, she hugged Si Jing and started to cry.

Si Jing was touched.

Qingxue hated Ye Qingran the most.

However, she went to plead with Ye Qingran for her sake. Yet she blamed Qingxue and resented Qingxue moments before.

She felt very guilty.

She couldn’t help Mu Qingxue, and in the end, Mu Qingxue was implicated.

That day, someone posted a discussion on the internet: “Was Mu Qingxue the mastermind?”

Some said that Mu Qingxue was wronged, some said that this post was deliberately defaming Mu Qingxue. Of course, there were also people who said that they didn’t know if she was the mastermind behind this, but she was definitely involved in this matter.

However, there were very few answers related to this.

Very few.

There were also people who revealed on the school’s website that Mu Qingxue was upset because Si Jing had dropped out of school and blamed herself. She fainted and was sent to the hospital.

In the afternoon, the Dean announced the disciplinary notice for Si Jing.

Si Jing had dropped out of school and sent an apology letter on the school website.

The general message was that she had done something bad because she didn’t like Ye Qingran. Now that she knew that she was wrong and regretted it, she apologized to everyone and hoped that everyone wouldn’t follow her example.

In the end, she emphasi

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