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A man in a white suit reached out to support Mu Qingxue. “Are you alright?”

Mu Qingxue looked at the man who had suddenly touched her. The man’s handsome features stunned her for a moment before she said, “Thank you.”

Xia Xia was also shocked by the man’s good looks. “You, who are you?”

The man’s aloof voice was shockingly cold. “There are surveillance cameras in the corridor. Should I call the police and let them decide who should apologize?”

Xia Xia’s face was a little pale. She didn’t say anything else and left with a red face.

Mu Qingxue looked at the man gratefully. “Sir, thank you so much for helping me out.”

As she said that, she bowed to the man politely.

This made the man laugh.

He used a finger to gently lift Mu Qingxue’s chin. His gaze was very fiery, as though he wanted to strip her naked. “What’s your name?”

Mu Qingxue’s face turned red. She stepped back and said, “Sir, please have some self-respect.”

His tailored suit, his custom-made wristwatch, and his handsome face made him look like Prince Charming from her dreams. However, although she didn’t know why, she felt that this man was very dangerous.

Therefore, after saying this, Mu Qingxue turned around.

She ran away.

The man looked at Mu Qingxue’s back and curled his lips with intrigue. “Interesting.”


From the surveillance video, Ye Qingran immediately checked the man’s information.

This man was one of the male leads, Long Junyao.

He was also the boss of the Dragon Palace.

He was a gentleman who appeared to be graceful, well-dressed, and polite. He smiled at everyone.

However, among the five male leads, he was the most cold and scheming one as well as the most difficult one to deal with.

Ye Qingran didn’t expect that even he fell in love with Mu Qingxue at first sight.

It was such a retarded hero saving the damsel in distress trope, and such a domineering CEO cliche.

How cheesy.

Ye Qingran switched to the small screen.

In another surveillance screen, she saw Mu Qingxue appear, and she looked back as she ran. She almost bumped into Dongfang Yu again.

Dongfang Yu hooked his arm around her waist and asked her, “What’s wrong? You’re flustered.”

The two of them were in a rather intimate position.

Mu Qingxue’s gaze was affectionate, and her little face was slightly red like a fresh and tender little apple. Her voice was soft and gentle as she said, “It’s nothing.”

Dongfang Yu was moved.

Not only did he not let go, but he even pressed Mu Qingxue against the wall and kissed her…

Ye Qingran was shocked. “…”

They were kissing in the corridor in broad daylight?

And it was so intense.

Ye Qingran couldn’t control her imagination. Mu Qingxue and Dongfang Yu’s explosive s*x scenes started to appear in her mind.


No, no, no.

She couldn’t watch anymore.

Ye Qingran exited the surveillance screen and swiped the mouse to look at the others.


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