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Ye Qingran nodded with a smile then began to kiss up to him. “I have to say, you’re the best tutor I’ve ever seen. Being taught by you for an hour is more efficient than being taught by a teacher for a year. It really opened the door to a new world for me.”


Chu Yan interrupted her with a deep voice, “You can go out now.”

Ye Qingran’s lips curled into a smile.

She kept her textbooks and held them in her arms. As she walked out, she teased, “Fine, fine, fine. I won’t say anymore to make you feel bashful.”

Chu Yan: “…”

Looking at the closed door, he rubbed the space between his eyebrows.


It was obviously irritation from the noisiness!

When Ye Qingran was getting tutored, she didn’t bring her phone with her.

When she returned to the bedroom and looked at her phone, she saw that it was a bunch of messages from those scoundrel friends. It was different from the past, when she was asked to go out to play. Today, this bunch of scoundrels were all asking about her bet with Hua Chi.

In addition, there was a Wechat account with the name “No. 3” that sent her a few messages.

[ No. 3: Your dad asked me to send you something. ]

[ No. 3: Where are you? Aren’t you staying at school? ]

[ No. 3: 30 minutes. If you don’t show up, I’ll tell your dad. ]

The original character was distant and cold towards her three half-brothers. Her feelings for them were as thin as thin ice.

She never called them “brother”.

No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 represented the nicknames she gave them on Wechat.

No. 3 was Ye Qingran’s nickname for her third brother, Ye Chenfeng.

Unlike the original character, who in order to hide her identity, was a no-gooder, underachiever, and incompetent, her third brother was an excellent scholar.

The original character was often compared to Ye Chenfeng by Ye Jun.

Therefore, among the few brothers, the original character hated her third brother, Ye Chenfeng, the most.

However, after the original character’s identity as a girl was exposed, and she offended a few male protagonists, Ye Chenfeng begged the female protagonist for her sake.

In the end, the male protagonists misunderstood that he wanted to peek on the female protagonist, so his legs were broken.

Ye Qingran replied to Ye Chenfeng with a message: [ Sorry, I didn’t see the message. Wait a moment, I’m on my way back to school. ]

After replying to Ye Chenfeng, she called the original character’s mother again.

The call was still disconnected.

She seriously suspected that her number had been blacklisted by the original character’s mother. Otherwise, how could she have been unable to contact her?

The original novel didn’t mention that she couldn’t contact her. Could it be that there were other ways to contact her?

Ye Qingran went downstairs and saw that Chu Yan was about to leave as well.

“Are you going out?” She could hitch a ride.

Chu Yan raised his eyes s

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