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Ye Qingran turned around and looked around. Her gaze finally landed on the artistic glass at the side.

She blinked a few times in confusion before she retracted her gaze and once again looked at Dongfang Yu and Mu Qingxue, who were dancing.

Liu Renwei walked to Ye Qingran’s side and said in a depressed tone, “Damn, it’s clearly my birthday party, but these two are showing off. Even my girlfriend is unhappy.”

Ye Qingran gave him a meaningful smile. “Take a photo with your phone and send it to your Wechat moments, Weibo, and any other apps you can post.”

Dongfang Yu had Mu Qingxue, so even insults could be treated as honey.

He even looked pleasantly surprised.

She wondered how the other members of the Dongfang family, especially the conservative elders, would react when they saw the heir they valued and nurtured dressed like this while dancing on a hot pole with a woman.

Oh, how exciting!

Liu Renwei froze for a moment before he understood.

He chuckled. “Ye Qingran, why didn’t I realize before that you’re actually so bad? ! But, I like it!”

Ye Qingran said, “No, no, no, I’m very kind.”

In a luxurious decorated room in the Dragon Palace, there were rows of wine cabinets with all kinds of famous wines on them.

A tall and handsome man in a white suit was sitting on a black leather sofa in the middle of the room.

He looked at the big screen on the wall. On the screen was the surveillance footage of the Dragon Palace, and it was even the audio version.

When Ye Qingran turned around and stared at the artistic glass, the man hummed, “Oh, could it be that he found out?”

The man narrowed his eyes dangerously.

He wanted to confirm his thoughts, but when he saw Ye Qingran in the picture, he quickly looked away.

While enjoying the pole dance, he chatted with the people around him.

The man’s lips curled into a smile. He looked troubled, but in fact, he was cold. “So, did this kid find out or not?”

He pressed the voice button on the phone in front of him. “Come in.”

A moment later, a tall bodyguard pushed the door open and walked in.

The man raised his finger and pointed at Ye Qingran in the video. “Go and find out who this kid is. And…”

His finger changed direction and pointed at Mu Qingxue, who was dancing. His dark pupils were as deep as the sea and gave off an ambiguous gleam. “I want all the information about this girl.”

The bodyguard nodded. “Yes, Boss.”

This man in a white suit was the boss of the Dragon Palace — Long Junyao.

Ye Qingran slowly walked into the crowd. She didn’t stop for long. After she passed through the crowd, she went to the bathroom.

After entering the cubicle, she closed the toilet lid and sat on it. Then, she took out the laptop from her bag.

She had brought the laptop with her bag. She had brought it with her because she wanted to see some famous scenes in case she needed it. However, she didn’t expect it to come in hand

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