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Chu Yan didn’t believe that Ye Qingran would do badly in the exam.

No matter who Ye Qingran was now, with his understanding of the current Ye Qingran, if Ye Qingran didn’t have enough confidence, he wouldn’t have made such a bet with Hua Chi.

Therefore, he only took a glance at Ye Qingran.

He didn’t say anything.

Ye Qingran’s little face turned bitter as she looked at Chu Yan anxiously. “Brother, I did so badly in the exam. Aren’t you going to comfort me?”

Chu Ruoruo, who was beside her, said considerately, “Brother Ran, I’ll comfort you. It’s okay. Grades aren’t everything. Besides, you’re so smart. It’s just that the time for review was too short. On the next exam, you might even get the first place, let alone the 100th place.”

Ye Qingran praised, “Ruoruo, you’re really a little angel.”

Chu Ruoruo immediately smiled shyly.

Chu Yan only looked at Ye Qingran meaningfully and said indifferently, “Your Adam’s apple hasn’t grown out yet, so you’re not a man?”


This sudden sentence made Ye Qingran widen her almond-shaped eyes.

After being stunned for a full three seconds, she replied with a little amusement, “Why did you suddenly say that I’m not a man? Are you scolding me or what?”

If she was really a man, she would probably explode.

Chu Ruoruo pursed her lips and helped to speak up, “Brother, Brother Ran is very manly.”

Ye Qingran: “…” Compared to being called unmanly, being called manly was more painful to hear.

Chu Yan’s expression was very serious. He even used the tone of an Elder and said, “If you’re a man, you won’t be defeated by an exam.”

Ye Qingran: “…”

Was he trying to comfort her? !

Her eyes curved and she couldn’t help but smile. “Brother, if you want to comfort me, you have to be practical. Treat me to some delicious food. How about hotpot? I heard that hotpot can soothe broken hearts the most.”

Chu Ruoruo nodded and chuckled. “Brother, I really want to eat hotpot. Why don’t we have hotpot tonight?”

Chu Yan watched them backing each other up and his eyes darkened slightly.

“Go back to your room and do your homework,” Chu Yan said. When he turned around and went upstairs, he replied, “Auntie will come to cook later. Tell her what you want to eat.”

“Long live brother.”

Chu Ruoruo couldn’t help but call out.

She then smiled at Ye Qingran and said, “Brother Ran, there’s nothing that can’t be solved with a hotpot meal. If there is, then make it two meals.”

Ye Qingran: “…”

She was such a cute little angel.

Because of her, it wasn’t so bad to be in a book.

Too bad she wasn’t a man.


Otherwise, she would have taken the little angel home.


After each monthly exam, the top 100 students will be announced on Sunday afternoon and posted on the bulletin board outside the main gate of the academic building.

It could be seen when the students came to school on Monday.

The bet between Ye Qingran and Hua C

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