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Si Jing dropped out of school, Mu Qingxue fainted, and Dongfang Yu came to warn her that the rape incident was over, but the follow-up seemed to have just begun.

After Mu Qingxue was discharged from the hospital, she sent a long message to her friends.

First, she mentioned that although Si Jing was a carefree person, she valued interpersonal relationships.

Then, she said that Si Jing would always be her best friend, but it was a pity that she was an ordinary person and didn’t have the ability to help Si Jing.

Finally, she added that she hoped that in the future, they would become stronger and would no longer be bullied by others.

There wasn’t a single word about Ye Qingran in the entire article, but it seemed to have said everything.

It seemed to be true yet also not true.

It made people’s imaginations run wild.

The long message was moved onto the school’s website.

It immediately gave rise to conspiracy theories.

Some people analyzed that Si Jing was the one who was wronged. The matter had already been settled by the Ye family with money. They even said that Si Jing’s father was threatened. If Si Jing didn’t admit it, the Ye family would target her father.

The popular comments made everyone’s heart ache for Mu Qingxue.

And it insinuated Ye Qingran’s involvement.

The group of people who liked Mu Qingxue and named her the goddess of the school even took this opportunity to set up a fan club.

Zi Xia was furious when she saw this. She couldn’t help but mutter, “This Mu Qingxue is too scheming. There was hard proof evidence, yet she could distort the facts to such an extent. She even posted such a message.”

Ye Qingran wasn’t surprised, and she comforted her, “She knows people very well. She knows that many people like conspiracy theories. By satisfying their curiosity, they can achieve their own goals. However, under such circumstances, she will get karma for using such methods. You don’t have to care about it.”

This scene didn’t exist in the original plot.

However, Ye Qingran had already guessed it when Si Jing dropped out of school.

Mu Qingxue had always thought that Si Jing and Tang Xinyuan would be able to handle the matter.

After all, the original character was really stupid.

In the original plot, Mu Qingxue had indeed succeeded. The original character was wronged, kicked out of the house, expelled from school, and even insulted by everyone. However, she didn’t dare to expose her real gender and she couldn’t prove her innocence in front of the public. In the end, because of hatred she went further and further astray, which resulted in a tragic end.


Meanwhile, Si Jing and Tang Xinyuan were fine. They were the second main couple.

The female lead was like a white lotus that had emerged from the mud but wasn’t stained at all.

Now, Tang Xinyuan’s plan hadn’t succeeded.

Mu Qingxue should be very shocked.

After she calmed down, she would naturall

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