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Dongfang Yu was in an extremely bad mood. He wrote down the brand and year of the last wine on the card.

His father said that only by knowing the enemy would he be able to win every battle.

As expected, because he had underestimated Ye Qingran in the past, he miscalculated. He had thought that he would win the bet, but it had to be a 50-50 draw. He could only think of a way to get Ye Qingran to apologize to Qing Xue next time.

“As for the fifth type of wine, the two of you have different answers.”

The wine taster’s voice sounded in his ear. The dejected Dongfang Yu suddenly raised his eyes. “The answers are different?”

He was 100% confident that he wouldn’t be the one who gave the wrong answer.

Then the one who was wrong could only be Ye Qingran!

A burst of ecstasy surged up from his heart.

He smiled. “Ye Qingran, you’ve lost. Immediately kneel down and apologize to Qingxue.”

Ye Qingran looked at him indifferently. “Who told you that I lost?”

Dongfang Yu said very confidently, “I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with the 2006 Citran. If your answer is different from mine, then naturally you’ve lost.”

Ye Qingran said, “The fifth wine in the wine decanter is indeed the 2006 Citran, but it’s not just the 2006 Citran. There’s another wine, but it’s only mixed with a small amount. Because the amount is too small, judging from the color, smell, and taste, it’s very difficult. However, the grapes used for these two wines are different, so we can observe from the precipitation of the pulp. The other wine is the 1999 Cotswolds.”

After she finished speaking, she looked at the wine taster and asked, “Am I right?”

The wine taster immediately clapped.

He smiled and looked at Ye Qingran. His eyes were filled with admiration. “Yes, there are indeed two types of wine in there. This is a small activity that our manor will occasionally carry out. Usually, the guests who can answer the question can enjoy a free meal. Congratulations, everyone. Our Dragon Palace will waive your expenses tonight.”

“Ah! !”

The surprise was so unexpected that everyone cried out in surprise.

That voice almost tore the roof off.

Liu Renwei was also stunned.

His eyes were filled with tears. “Brother, you’re really amazing. I’ll treat you to a meal later.” He was really very honorable.

“Next time I come to the Dragon Palace, Fourth Young Master Ye, you can give me a taste and let me get a freebie as well.”

“Fourth Young Master Ye, Fourth Young Master Ye, how did you taste it? Can you teach me?”


Dongfang Yu’s expression was unsightly, as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water on him. With a swoosh, he felt cold from head to toe.

He had lost?

How could he have lost? !

It was hard to accept this result. He couldn’t believe that he had actually lost to Ye Qingran, who was a no-gooder!

Ye Qingran tilted her head slightly and looked at him coldly. “Dongfang Yu, do you want to find a

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