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“Ye Qingran, you’re really amazing.”

“Ye Qingran, I know the teacher talks about the question that I saw in the live broadcast every time, but I can’t solve it no matter how hard I try.”

“Ye Qingran, how did you review for the exam? Teach us.”


The doubts from before had all vanished into thin air at this moment.

Everyone was desperate for words of advice.

They wanted Ye Qingran to teach them the learning method to quickly improve their own grades.

Ye Qingran stood up and walked towards Hua Chi. “I believe that you won’t forget our bet.”

The classroom quieted down once again.

Everyone returned to their seats, but their gazes were all on Ye Qingran and Hua Chi.

Hua Chi’s expression was very ugly.

He clenched his fists tightly, and he had an expression that seemed to express: I’m very tough so stop flaunting in front of me. “I did lose the bet this time. You did get into the top 100, but you’re far inferior to me despite getting in the top 100.”

Losing the bet didn’t mean that he was inferior to Ye Qingran.

Ye Qingran curled her lips and looked at him disdainfully. “Why, are you trying to renege on your debt?”

“When did I say that I was going to renege on my debt!” Hua Chi gritted his teeth and said in a muffled voice, “I’m sorry, Ye Qingran.”

Ye Qingran frowned. “I remember that at that time, you said that if I win, you would kneel down and apologize to me.”

Hua Chi felt that the intense humiliation had drowned him.

He roared.

“Ye Qingran, don’t go too far.”

At that time, he said this because he didn’t believe that he would lose. If he had known, he definitely wouldn’t have raised the stakes like that.

Ye Qingran sneered. “Hehe, at that time, I asked you if you really wanted to kneel down and apologize? I didn’t ask you to kneel down. You said it yourself. I asked you whether or not you were sure you wanted to do that, lest you accuse me of going overboard when I really ask you to do that. You said that you would definitely kneel down and apologize!”

Hua Chi’s face flushed red and he was very embarrassed. “You! !”

Ye Qingran looked at him coldly and emotionlessly. She wasn’t moved at all.

Hua Chi’s heart was filled with grievance, and he wanted to vomit blood.

Everyone stared at him. There was sympathy, glee, and aloofness… there were all kinds of gazes.

He knew that he couldn’t back down from the bet.

Hua Chi endured the shame, lowered his eyes, and knelt down. “Ye Qingran, I’m sorry.”

He would definitely return everything that he had endured today to Ye Qingran in the future.

A cold smile crept onto the corners of Ye Qingran’s mouth.

She bent down slightly and said in a suppressed voice, “Are you saying in your heart that you’ll definitely get payback from me in the future?”

Hua Chi’s body stiffened.

A trace of contempt flashed across Ye Qingran’s eyes. “Just you, who got played around like a fool by my words and expres

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