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Ye Qingran said, “… I can’t run.”

More than ten tall men had already surrounded them.

A bald man asked in a gruffy voice, “Which one of you is Ye Chenfeng?”

Ye Chenfeng was stunned.”…”


Ye Qingran was slightly stunned.”…”


These men weren’t here for Ye Qingran, but here to look for Ye Chenfeng.

Ye Chenfeng was embarrassed and shocked. “You’re looking for me?”

Ye Qingran was a little dumbfounded.”…”

Unlike the original character, Ye Chenfeng was a well-behaved student who only knew how to study. How could there be a “gangster” looking for him?

The bald man said, “You’re Ye Chenfeng. Our boss has something to say to you.”

Ye Chenfeng asked, “Who’s your boss?”

The bald man didn’t answer him. He just stood to the side.

The other men also stood to the side and made a path for him. Then, a middle-aged man wearing a trench coat and smoking a cigar walked towards them.

He stood in front of Ye Chenfeng.

He sized up Ye Chenfeng from top to bottom. Then, with satisfaction, he said with disdain, “Not bad. Beibei’s taste isn’t bad.”

Ye Chenfeng asked curiously, “May I know who you are?”

The middle-aged man took a puff of his cigar and said, “I’m Bai Beibei’s Big Brother, Bai Shu.”

Who was Bai Beibei?

Ye Chenfeng didn’t know a person called Bai Beibei, and he was full of confusion.

Ye Qingran was surprised.

She knew Bai Beibei.

She was a character who appeared beside Ye Chenfeng in the later part of the novel.

When Ye Chenfeng’s legs were broken, it was this little girl who had been taking care of him.

However, Bai Beibei was a nurse.

It was when Ye Chenfeng’s legs were broken that she became Ye Chenfeng’s nurse and got to know Ye Chenfeng.

Why did she appear now?

Bai Shu’s eyes appeared to have a little unwillingness, and his tone was a little sour as he said, “Kid, you’re really lucky to have been chosen by my Beibei.”

Ye Chenfeng: “…”

Bai Shu continued, “I think your family background is alright. Although you’re not as handsome as me, you’re still passable. I’ve decided to fulfill your wish and let you two fall in love.”


Ye Qingran: “…”

Ye Chenfeng was dumbstruck and his mind was in a mess. He felt like he had seen a bunch of lunatics, and he really wanted to curse, ‘You’re crazy!’

But he couldn’t.

One look at this group of people and he knew that they weren’t to be trifled with.

He tried his best to soften his tone and asked in puzzlement, “Did you… make a mistake? You must be looking for another Ye Chenfeng.”

Bai Shu put the cigar between his fingers and asked, “Ye Chenfeng, the Third Young Mmaster of the Ye family of the Ye Corporation, is there anyone else besides you?”


Ye Chenfeng was embarrassed. “It’s me, but I don’t know a girl called Bai Beibei.”

Bai Shu said, “Don’t you know her now?”


Ye Chenfeng: “…”

What way of getting to know people was this? They had never

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