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Chapter 131: Her Fatherly Boyfriend?

Ye Qingran:”…”

No wonder those girlfriends didn’t hold any grudges when they found out that the original owner was a girl. Instead, they quickly became friends. It turned out that it was because Chi Xun had already known about it long ago.

Chi Xun and Tang Tang. If they were on good terms, and the original owner was on good terms with them, they were more like friends than lovers.

Therefore, even after the original owner was revealed to be a girl, the three of them were still willing to be friends with her. They even continued to help her after her accident.

To be honest, at this moment, Ye Qingran suddenly felt a little jealous of the original owner.

She had never had such close friends before. She had been alone since she was young and did not dare to dream of having any close friends.

In one’s life, having one such good friend was truly a gift from heaven.

Chi Xun continued, “That man is Ruoruo’s elder brother. I heard from Ruoruo that her elder brother is very outstanding and his skills are exceptionally good. I think that you must have learned from him during this period of time. However, from Ruoruo’s tone, it seems that she is afraid of her elder brother. Is her elder brother a very serious and cold person?”

Ye Qingran shook her head. “It’s true that he is serious, but he is not cold. He is only rational and introverted.”

Since the other party was being sincere and straightforward, and also knew that she was a girl, Ye Qingran directly explained her relationship with Chu Yan. “Actually, Chu Yan and I are fake. We’re not really together. At that time, Monet was very close to me, so I pulled Chu Yan out to put on an act. However, I didn’t expect that she would tell you all about it. Then, things turned out like this.”

Chi Xun asked, “But, you really do like him.”

Ye Qingran looked at her and nodded. “It might be a little exaggerated, but the first time I saw him, I liked him very much. From liking his face to liking him as a person.”

“How envious.”

Chi Xun smiled helplessly. “This is the first time I’ve seen you express your feelings like this. How strange.”

Ye Qingran said, “This is also the first time I’ve talked to someone like this.”

Chi Xun asked, “What about him? Does he like you?”

Ye Qingran said uncertainly, “He doesn’t know that I’m a girl yet, but he treats me very well, just like a younger brother. No, it feels like he’s grooming a subordinate. He hopes that I’ll work for him in his company in the future.”

“Ah? Subordinate?” Chi Xun was puzzled.

“He’s the one who discovered some of my potential. He said that he took a liking to my brain and even arranged a place for me to stay. Moreover, he sometimes talks to me like my father, he’s very serious. Kid, don’t look at these things. Kid, be serious. Kid, if you pass the exam, I’ll give you a gift. Kid, don’t flirt with girls…”

Ye Qingran said as she helplessly spread

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