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Mu Qingxue bit her lip and tried her best to appear calm. “Ye Qingran, I didn’t provoke you today. Can you not be so weird?”

Ye Qingran chuckled and repeated a few words lightly, “Oh, you didn’t provoke me. You didn’t provoke me.”

Mu Qingxue lifted her chin. “I’ve thought it through. I will not provoke you in the future. I know that we had some unpleasant matter in the past and I do hate you and the Ye family. But during this period of time, I’ve thought it through. I have nothing and I can’t do anything. Why should I let myself live in hatred and suffer? I’ve decided to forgive the Ye family, forgive what you have done to me. It can be considered as redemption for myself.”

When Ye Qingran heard this, she almost wanted to clap for Mu Qingxue.

What she said was too wonderful.

She made a laugh sound and wanted to laugh, “You are forgiving our Ye Family?”

Mu Qingxue clenched her fists and looked determined, “Yes, Ye Qingran, let’s make amends.”

Ye Qingran leaned forward lazily.

She whispered into Mu Qingxue’s ear, “Since you said that you have nothing and can’t do anything, from now on, I will let you know what it means to have nothing and can’t do anything.”

Mu Qingxue’s heart was beating fast and she felt extremely uneasy. She stared at Ye Qingran with her eyes wide open.

When her phoenix-like eyes were not smiling, they were cold. The coldness on her face made Mu Qingxue feel that the man in front of her was like an ice-cold snake that was coiled around her shoulder.

She was stunned on the spot, and she even forgot to breathe.

Ye Qingran ignored her and waved her hand as she entered the house.

She knew that she would not feel uncomfortable if she were to die, but she knew that the waiting process would be torturous if she did not know how she was going to die.

Let’s enjoy yourselves before the storm arrives, female protagonist!

Ye Qingran’s lips curled into a cold smile.

Mu Qingxue was out of her daze and stared hatefully at the door of the small villa.

Damn Ye Qingran. How could she not guess what she was trying to do when she mentioned the names of those men at the same time.

She was trying to make her…

However, she was not the one who caused the situation today.

Those self-righteous men were the ones to blame. She was trying to protect herself only.

Ye Qingran was simply spreading rumours if she didn’t have the evidence.

She would not let Ye Qingran get away with it!

Ye Qingran rushed into the house because she felt dizzy and her whole body was cold.

She felt like she was going to catch a cold.

It was winter. She washed her feet with cold water so many times and even soaked her feet with cold water. After being exposed to the cold wind for so long, no matter how strong her body was, she could not withstand it.

Ye Qingran returned to her room and turned on the air conditioner to the hottest.

She quickly took a hot bath, then crawled int

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