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Ye Qingran rolled on the bed twice. Her mind was filled with Chu Yan’s face.

She felt dizzy and her head felt uncomfortable.

She closed her eyes, got up, and walked out.

The light in the study room was on. Ye Qingran walked to the door and heard the sound of Mengmei calling. She vaguely mentioned the name of the hotel that day.

She crouched at the door and sneaked a glance inside. Chu Yan’s face turned cold and his body was emitting a strong chill.

It was not an illusion.

Chu Yan was angry. He was even angrier than her, the one who had been schemed against.

Haha, she felt a little happy.

When Chu Yan hung up the phone, Ye Qingran walked in. “Brother, you came out to give a call to investigate today’s matter.”

“Why do you wake up?” Chu Yan frowned slightly. “If you’re not feeling well, don’t run around. Go back to sleep.”

“I came to tell you that you don’t need to investigate today because I know who’s behind it.” What Ye Qingran told Chu Yan just now was just about what happened.

She didn’t tell him that after leaving the room, she suspected Mu Qingxue and saw Mu Qingxue and Hua Chi being together.

Her long and narrow eyes were filled with coldness. “I’m sure what I’m going to do next. You just have to watch.”

Chu Yan: “Huh?”

“I’ll bring you to watch some big gossips .” Ye Qingran did not want Chu Yan to do anything about it.

Firstly, she could handle it herself. Secondly, she did not want Chu Yan and the female lead to be entangled in too many grudges.

In the original novel, Chu Yan was a passerby and had nothing to do with the female lead, so he had a happy ending.

She did not wish to have any changes on this.

Chu Yan pursed his lips and looked at Ye Qingran.

Her sickly face had a fragile beauty. She smiled and looked into his eyes. Although her gaze was indifferent, it was extremely serious.

After a moment of silence, he pinched his forehead. “Got it.”

Ye Qingran leaned against the door weakly, her face pressed against the cabinet. “I’m exhausted.”

Chu Yan walked towards her. “Who told you to get up?”

Ye Qingran said, “Brother, you’re an adult, and I’m a child.”


“Sir Chu Yan, please do me a favour and carry the child back.” She stretched out one of her hands weakly.

Chu Yan crossed his arms in front of his chest and tilted his handsome face slightly. He looked at her playfully. “Carry you back?”

Ye Qingran smiled cheekily. “It’s fine if you want to carry me back.”

Carry her back?

Chu Yan raised his eyebrows.

He stretched out his slender arm and grabbed Ye Qingran’s collar. Then, he lifted her and carried her back.

Ye Qingran was shocked. “No way, you’re carrying my back. I’m now a patient.”

“You are so light,” Chu Yan muttered two words and ignored her shouts.

He carried her into the study room in that way and placed her there.

It was as if he was carrying a chick.

Shame, shame.

Ye Qingran said

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