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Chapter 130: She Already Knew She Was A Girl

Ye Qingran tilted her head to dodge the blow. She then spun her body and delivered a kick, directly landing a blow that sent the kidnappers’ leader flying.

The kidnappers’ leader hit the side of the car and let out a painful howl.

He realized that the few of them could not defeat the delicate man in front of them. He no longer cared about the unconscious man, and quickly got into the van and left together with his men.

Ye Qingran squatted on the ground next to the unconscious man. She felt for his breath with her hand, and it seemed he was fine and had only fainted.

Chi Xun walked over. Her face was pale and her head covered in a cold sweat. She asked in panic, “Is he still alive?”

“He just fainted. He’s fine.”

At this moment, the siren of a police car could be heard. The police were arriving. Chi Xun let out a sigh of relief. Her nervous body and tensed heart relaxed, and she sat on the ground as her body felt exhausted.

Ye Qingran supported her. “What happened to you?”

Chi Xun clutched her chest and said uncomfortably, “Ran-ran, my heart isn’t feeling well.”

Those that suffered from heart disease had to avoid violent emotional fluctuations. The previous scene had obviously frightened Chi Xun, and hence her heart was having an adverse reaction. Ye Qingran comforted her and massaged her back. “Try to relax, I’ll send you to the hospital immediately.”

She helped Chi Xun to stand up. Coincidentally, the police car had also arrived.

Since the man was still unconcious, the police was asking about his condition, but realized that Chi Xun wasn’t feeling well. Upon knowing that she had a heart disease, they left an officer to investigate the scene while another sent them to the hospital.

The doctor’s examination concluded that Chi Xun was fine and she could leave immediately.

However, they had to be careful, and it would be best for her to rest at home for the next few days.

The police informed them they had already contacted the family of the man that was nearly kidnapped.

Ye Qingran and Chi Xun went to the ward, but the man had been drugged and was asleep, but he was fine.

The two of them left without waiting for the man to wake up.

Mu Qingxue had come to the hospital to visit Yang Guang as he had fallen sick. Although he currently couldn’t be active in the entertainment industry, since he had treated her so well, she felt that she definitely had to come visit him.

Coincidentally, she encountered Ye Qingran, and saw Ye Qingran supporting a girl as she walked out the passageway ahead.

She frowned slightly.

Wasn’t this Chi Xun?

What were the two of them doing in the hospital? Chi Xun looked very uncomfortable, with her hand on her waist.

Could it be that Chi Xun was pregnant and wanted to have an abortion?

Mu Qingxue followed behind. She wanted to see where Ye Qingran was supporting Chi Xun to go. If it was the

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