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Chapter 138: Her Personal Wake-up Alarm

The bright moonlight shone through the floor-to-ceiling glass, illuminating the spacious and transparent room.

In the quiet air, the sound of light footsteps was particularly loud.

Ye Qingran pushed the door open and saw Chu Yan sitting in the study room. There were many neatly arranged documents on the table in front of him.

Chu Yan said indifferently when he saw her in, “You’re back.”

“You’re not surprised at all.”

After all, she told Chu Yan that she would be staying at the Ye family for the next few days during the exam.

Chu Yan pushed a few documents forward. “You’ll know about the Ye family’s situation once you’re home. You would want these documents.”

Ye Qingran was stunned for a moment. There was really no one else who could be so scheming.

Her grandfather had taught her to think of the next ten steps when she took the first. She felt that Chu Yan was probably someone who would take twenty steps at a time.

“Thank you, Brother.”

She picked up a large pile of documents.

Chu Yan looked at her. “Aren’t you going to look at them here?”

Ye Qingran waved her hand. “I will go back to my room and take my time.”

How could she concentrate when Chu Yan was sitting opposite her? She estimated that it would take three to four hours to finish reading the documents than in an hour if she did that.

“But tomorrow’s my exam. If you wake up and I’m not up yet, you must remember to call me.”

After saying that, Ye Qingran took the documents and left.

She quickly read through the documents and roughly understood everything that had happened in the Ye family recently.

There was indeed a big hand behind the scenes controlling everything, but all sorts of phenomena showed that the hand behind the scenes was not Long Junyao, but a mysterious force.

Fortunately, although the Ye family was having a hard time, everything was still running normally, and Ye Jun and Ye Hanzhi could handle it.

After reading the materials, Ye Qingran began to review the subjects for the exam the next day.

No matter how good her memory was, she would forget some of them after a long time and needed to consolidate and revise.

She did her revision until three o’clock in the morning.

At seven o’clock in the morning, she was in a deep sleep and had no intention of getting up.

Chu Yan knocked on the door, but there was no response from inside.

The door was not locked from the inside. He twisted the doorknob and walked in.

The room was in a mess. Books and materials were scattered all over the desk, sofa, floor, and bed.

Ye Qingran was lying on the bed and still asleep. There was no sign of her waking up at all.

He looked at the time and realized that she would be late for the exam if she did not wake up.

“Wake up.” Chu Yan sat down by the bed and reached out to push Ye Qingran.

Ye Qingran rolled over, turned around. He pushed her again

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