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Chapter 134: She Doesn’t Like Drinking

Chu Yan said plainly, “It’s not an emergency. The Ye family should be able to handle it.”

He Cizhou nodded. “That’s true.”

He looked at Chu Yan and suddenly laughed evilly. “Do you want me to send a message to that child saying that you’re sick and hospitalized? That you were involved in a car accident and on the verge of dying, and have that child fly back.”

“Then you are dead meat.” Chu Yan looked at him coldly.

“I’m helping you, and it’s fine if you’re not grateful to me, but you still treat me like this. You’re such a cold and heartless man, I better warn that child that one day you may turn against us.”

“I hope I wont be hearing you rvoice from now. Otherwise, you’re can do it by yourself.” Chu Yan was referring to work.

He Cizhou snorted coldly. “You’re really boring. What does that litlle friend like about you?”

Chu Yan replied, “If being interesting is to be like you, then I’d rather be boring.”

He Cizhou grunted. “Then I’ll help you take some photos to send. You should know that it’s inevitable for a man to feel lonely when he’s out alone, and he’ll need someone to relieve him. If he doesn’t find someone to relieve him, he’ll want to drink, and usually after drinking, he’ll starting calling and sending messages. Why else would he stay up so late?”


“He’s over eighteen. He’s already an adult.”

Chu Yan ignored him and stood up to leave.

He saw Chu Yan was really leaving.

He realized that the remaining work was all his. He immediately shouted, “Chu Yan, you can’t be so willful. We agreed to fight together until dawn, how can you just abandon me like this?!”

What answered him was the sound of Chu Yan closing the door.

He cizhou wailed, “Chu Yan, you’re cold, heartless, and unreasonable…”

After Ye Qingran sent Chu Yan some messages, she was about to go to sleep when she received a call from Chu Yan.

His voice was very soft, but it sounded a little probing. “Are you drinking outside?”

Ye Qingran replied very sincerely, “No, I don’t like drinking.”

Chu Yan said, “Kid, you’re not allowed to drink, do you understand?”

Ye Qingran nodded. “I know, I know. I won’t drink. How could I drink when I’m traveling alone? But why did you suddenly ask me if I drank?”

Chu Yan replied, “I was just asking.”

Ye Qingran smiled. “It’s getting late, brother. You’re still working, right? Then hurry up and finish. Go to bed early once you’re done.”

Chu Yan said, “Okay, good night.”

Ye Qingran said, “Good night.”

Although there were many mosquitoes at night and life here was relatively tough.

This place gave people a feeling of leisure and relaxation, so Ye Qingran liked it very much.

She liked the bamboo forest in front of her. She followed the child of the homestay owner, a 5-year-old little babt, and learned how to play music using the bamboo leaves.

She also liked the peach forest nearby.

She thought

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